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Best Golf Balls

Click to read our complete guide on the best golf balls for every player depending on your playing style or skill level.

Club Guide For Beginners

Just getting started with the sport of golf? Click here for our beginners guide to learning all the club names and uses.

Best Drivers

If you want to get the ball as far down the fairway as possible and keep it in play, you'll need the right driver for your game. Find it here.

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Tips & Instruction

Green In Regulation (…why it’s so important to track)

A green in regulation (“GIR”) is when your ball reaches the green in two less strokes than the par for that hole. That means reaching …

Tips & Instruction

Playing Golf In Winter Conditions (How To Beat The Cold)

Playing golf in winter conditions can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are unprepared or go in with the wrong mindset. For many regions, …

Tips & Instruction

What Percentage Of Golfers Break Par? (and 70, 80, 90, 100)

The percentage of golfers that break par in their lifetime is about 0.5% of all golfers. Golf is an individual sport. Our only way of …

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Golf Gear

Ping Hoofer Lite Review

Ping makes good golf bags; the Hoofer Lite is no exception. Hoofer is about the most prominent line of golf bags Ping offers today. With …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Launch Monitors

The price ranges of launch monitors vary significantly. How can you determine which is the best fit for you? Let us help by diving into …

Golf Gear

Stripebird Rangefinder Magnet Review

I don’t publish a many reviews on small accessories here. We try to target the big stuff that has a lot of interest already. But …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Simulators For Home (Buying Guide & Setup Tips)

Key Specs Compare Prices SkyTrack Mid-range priceGreat accuracyCourse simulationsNeed to add mat, net, etc.Portable OptiShot InexpensiveLess accurateCourse simulationsWorks without a ball TruGolf ExpensiveVery accuratePackages include …

Golf Gear

Best Game Improvement Irons

Specs Compare Prices Top PickCallaway Mavrik Irons Lofts7i/27°, PW/41°Stock ShaftsTrue Temper Elevate 95 (Steel)Project X Catalyst 55/65/75 (Graphite) Budget OptionCleveland Launcher CBX Lofts7i/30°, PW/44°Stock ShaftsTrue …

Golf Gear

Sun Mountain C130 Review

When looking to determine the type of golf bag you want, there are two different styles to choose from.  Are you looking for a cart …

Tips & Instruction

How To Putt In Golf

Golf is a complex game with many different aspects. Being able to hit the golf ball with your woods and irons is very important, but …

Golf Gear

Best Carry Golf Bag For Walking 18 Holes

Carrying your golf bag is something most golfers enjoy, and many prefer. With your bag across your shoulders, you see more of the course and …

Golf Gear

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Specs View on Amazon Top PickCallaway Epic Flash Lofts13.5°, 15°, 18°, 20°, 21°, 23°, 25°Stock ShaftsProject X Even Flow Green, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, Project …

Golf Gear

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Walking 18 Holes

The most organic way to play the game of golf is by walking the course. It allows you to take it all in, from the …

Tips & Instruction

9 Chipping Drills and Tips For More Up and Downs

Maybe you’ve heard this commonly cited statistic from teaching pros – 65% of all shots made during a round of golf will be taken from …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Bags For Cart Riders

Your golf bag should reflect the way you typically play the game. So this guide is for all of you that prefer to get around …

Golf Gear

Sun Mountain Sync vs. C-130

A golf bag is a lifestyle choice. Whether you’re a walker, a rider, or keep your bag on two wheels to get around the course, …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Balls For Distance

Sometimes you just want pure distance. But the good news these days is that distance doesn’t have to come at the expense of every other …

Tips & Instruction

Lob Wedge vs. Sand Wedge (Do You Need Both?)

This is a common question that golfers find themselves asking, either when they’re new to the game or if they’re just frustrated with their current …

Golf Gear

Best Drivers For Senior Golfers

You’ve decided that it’s finally time to bite the bullet and make an upgrade for the 2020 golf season. As you move into your more …

Golf Gear

Different Types Of Golf Bags Explained

As if golf terminology wasn’t already confusing enough, companies regularly produce at least a half dozen different styles of golf bags. It would be impossible …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Balls of 2020 (Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Ball For You)

Finding the best golf balls is not nearly as simple as it used to be. Go to any golf store or sporting goods store that …

Golf Gear

Flat vs. Upright Lie Angle (How It Affects Your Shot)

Having an incorrect lie angle on your golf club can have a huge impact on your ability to hit the ball straight. If your lie …

Golf Gear

Best Sunday Golf Bag (Your Guide To Pencil Bags)

The Sunday golf bag is a smaller lightweight bag that typically is designed to carry less than the full complement of clubs. They are great …

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