Best Drivers For Beginners in 2023

driver buying guide

Beginners need a driver that doesn't hurt them for missing the center of the clubface and helps them optimize their launch conditions for longer straighter drives. Here are our picks for 2023...

As one of the most forgiving drivers on the market, the Ping G430 Max is perfect for beginners that don't hit the sweet spot consistently.

Ping G430 Max

Best Overall

$549 USD

ping G430 Max


Most forgiving

Looks good at address

Solid sound off clubface


Less ballspeed than Paradym 

Expensive for a beginner

The Paradym is the latest from Callaway and may be the best combination of length and forgiveness on the market today.

Callaway Paradym

Runner Up

$600 USD

Callaway Paradym


Very forgiving

Longest club we tested


Less forgiving than G430 Max

Very expensive

The Cobra is an affordable option that still has a good amount of forgiveness that will help the beginner keep in the ball in play.


Budget Pick

$249 USD

Cobra AIR-X



Aerodynamic Design


Less forgiving than others here

No adjustable hosel

Designed to increase swing speed

Callaway makes a lot of good clubs. But, there's no better club for getting rid of a slice than the Rogue ST Max.

Callaway Rogue ST Max D

For Slicers

$450 USD

Rogue ST MAX D


Draw bias

Very forgiving


No offset

Won't fix every slice

Less expensive than Paradym

The TSR1 is built to be light and makes it much easier for slower swing-speed players to generate club speed.

titleist TSR1

For slow swing speeds

$599 USD

Titleist TSR1


Lightweight design improves speed

Classic Titliest looks


Less forgiving than top pick

Won't fix every slice