6 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers

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Not every golfer needs the best ball in golf. In fact, the best golf balls for average golfers aren’t always the premium ones.

While some golfers are happy to play any ball they find to save money, they may not realize the impact this can have on their specific style of play.

Our top pick, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is a ball that can help move you into the single-digit handicap range without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to see why I chose it and also see how the other ones break down…

Srixon Q-Star Tour | Top Pick

The new Srixon Q-Star Tour is a very affordable, all-around option for mid-handicappers to bring their game to the next level. 

Compression Rating: 75 | 3-Piece | Urethane Cover | Ideal Driver Swing Speed 75-95 MPH

Top Pick
Q-Star Tour golf ball for average golfers

Srixon Q-Star Tour

With a combination of characteristics that will match the average golfer’s skills and needs, the Q-Star Tour is a great fit for anyone that wants to keep their game moving in the right direction.

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Driving the ball with the Srixon Q-Star Tour, the average golfer will instantly realize gained distance through a lower spin ball that provides the ball with the ability to fly farther. What makes the Srixon Q-Star Tour different from other golf balls is with the low spin ball, the player will experience lower side spin as well, thus eliminating those deadly hooks and slices.

With an average dispersion area of only 2 yards off the tee, a mid-handicapper can expect to gain distance and improve accuracy allowing them to save strokes and move closer to a single handicap. 

The ball aims to allow players with moderate swing speeds to increase distance and accuracy, without sacrificing the control needed around the green. Srixon made the ball perform at the Tour level by using a urethane cover, similar to tour pros. The adjustment they made to make the ball perfect for mid handicappers was adding a soft core, which is different from the hard core used on Tour. 




Lower compression means more distance for average swing speeds

Smooth feel off the clubface

Not ideal for higher swing speeds

Less greenside spin than premium golf balls

The ball uses a lower compression which makes the ball feel softer on impact from tee to green. For only $30, the ball provides a great smooth feel off the clubface on the driver and irons. When you are putting the ball, it feels great, nice and soft rolling off the clubface. 

The key difference between the Q-Star and other balls such as the Z-Star and Z-Star XV are that the core of the ball is soft. All three balls maintain the urethane cover, but only the Q-Star has a soft core. The benefits of the soft core are wide-ranging from more feel on around the green to longer distance off the tee. The reason the soft core provides more distance is the core compresses on impact and provides a spring-like explosion off the face off the club resulting in higher ball speeds.

As a mid handicapper, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is great for more distance and accuracy, combined with a more soft feel from tee to green. If you have a moderate swing speed and are in the mid handicap, look for this ball to give you the feel and distance you want to keep improving your golf game.

Callaway Chrome Soft | Runner Up

The Callaway Chrome Soft provides the mid handicapper exceptional distance without sacrificing accuracy. A golfer will notice a significant increase in control around the green with the soft feel off the clubface.

Compression Rating: 75 | 4-Piece | Urethane Cover | Ideal Driver Swing Speed 75-95 MPH


Callaway Chrome Soft

With a very soft feel and low compression, Callaway created a Tour “feel” ball with compression specs that a weekend warrior can benefit from.

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While priced slightly more expensive, the Callaway Chrome Soft is still a third of the price of its competitors. With the Callaway Chrome Soft, a golfer can expect to see high ball speeds due to the soft inner core of the ball. The firm outer core provides longer distance without giving up accuracy.

New graphene Dual SoftFast core allowed for a thinner outer core, plus a larger inner core to reduce long game spin for more distance. The urethane cover on the ball has made the feel of the ball soft.



Feel and distance of premium golf balls

Slightly less expensive than Pro V1

Consistent launch angle for irons and wedges

Not as long as other premium golf balls

May not be soft enough for slower swing speeds

The Callaway Chrome Soft adds distance to your game by using a combination of low trajectory, moderate spin, and ample roll. With this ball, players can expect to see a similar distance to premium balls at a third of the cost. In terms of spin, players can expect a mid-spin ball as classified by Callaway. The ball shows a spin similar to premium balls, along with a soft feel off the clubface. On a good strike, with low flight, a golfer can expect the ball to grip the green and stop hard. 

As the cost of premium golf balls continues to rise, the mid handicapper golfer can look to the Callaway Chrome Soft as a more affordable solution that performs in all areas of the game and fits most swing speeds.

Bridgestone e6 | Best Value

The Bridgestone e6 golf balls provide a golfer with the ultimate soft feel off the clubface. With a new Delta Dimple design, a golfer can consistently expect an amazing feel off the face of the club.

Compression Rating: 50 | 2-Piece | Surlyn Cover | Ideal Driver Swing Speed 75-95 MPH

Best Value
Bridgestone e6 golf ball great for 10 handicap players

Bridgestone e6

Dollar for dollar one of the best balls on the market. It doesn’t have the name recognition as some others but it delivers where it counts.

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In addition to the Delta Dimple design, Bridgestone added an Advanced Mantle and Lower Side Spine to create a high level of accuracy in the ball. Available in both white and yellow, the Bridgestone e6 Soft was designed to fly longer and straighter while making it easy to spot on the course.

The Lower Side Spin feature that was added helps guarantee that your ball will fly straighter. This allows you to have more control over every shot you make out on the course. 

The Delta Dimple feature provides the player with consistent low spin numbers with both long irons and driver. Around the green, a player can expect to see a well-optimized ball launch, in addition to great stopping power. 



Very affordable

Great feel with high trajectory

Longer distance for moderate swing speeds

Surlyn cover gives less greenside spin

The Advanced Mantle creates a transition from the inner core to the soft cover, allowing for quality approaches and an improved short game feel. 

These balls do have a softer core, which allows for a nice compression on impact allowing for the ball to launch farther on more moderate/slow swing speeds. The Lower Side Spin technology makes sure you do not lose any accuracy after adding the increased distance.

Players in the mid handicap range will want to test out the Bridgestone e6 Soft as it is very affordable and can help improve tee to green performance.

Callaway Supersoft | Best For Slower Swing Speeds

The Callaway Supersoft has generally been accepted by all golfers. The golf ball has an astonishing visual presentation making it very attractive to the eye. The Callaway Supersoft is the lowest compression ball made from Callaway. The golf ball has fantastic distance, feel and accuracy along with an extremely affordable price. With all of the buzz surrounding the Callaway Supersoft, learn more about the specifics below.

Compression Rating: 38 | 2-Piece | Trionomer Blend Cover | Ideal Driver Swing Speed 75-95 MPH

Best For Slow Swing Speeds
Supersoft golf ball for average golfers

Callaway Supersoft

For those of you that can still get the ball around the course with a decent score but might need a little help off the tee, the Supersoft may be exactly what works for you.

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In the Callaway Supersoft, Callaway has combined HEX Aerodynamics with their lowest compression golf ball to create a long and straight golf ball with incredible feel. Callaway has created some of the softest feeling golf balls in the game using their Zero Compression Core.

The Super Low Spin and HEX Aerodynamics combined to create an extremely accurate launch while producing great distance. The design of the golf ball also creates a limited drag on the ball in flights which produces a true ball flight from impact.



Very low compression

Soft feel from tee to green

Low compression may feel “mushy” to some players

Golfers looking to increase their accuracy off the tee will enjoy the low spin flight of the Callaway Supersoft. In terms of the short game, the Surlyn in the outer cover does make the ball harder to spin at lower swing speeds.

However, for the price of the ball and the benefits of accuracy, the mid handicapper will enjoy the control they have with this ball. The ball comes in several colors including pink, yellow and white. If you are a mid handicapper looking for more accuracy, check out the Callaway Supersoft at an affordable price.

TaylorMade V3 | For Maximizing Driver Distance

The TaylorMade V3 was designed for the golfer looking for a Tour feel while maintaining control and using less unwanted spin. Made using a 3 piece design, the V3 uses the High Energy React Core to provide extreme ball distance off the face of the club. If you are looking for more distance as a mid handicapper, learn more below on the TaylorMade V3.

Compression Rating: 70 | 3-Piece | Ionomer Cover | Ideal Driver Swing Speed 75-95 MPH

Best For Distance

TaylorMade Distance+

If your primary objective is to get the ball further down the fairway off the tee and you are less concerned with greenside spin and soft feel, then try the TaylorMade Distance +

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The High Energy React Core inside the TaylorMade V3 changes clubhead speed into ball speed at a very efficient level. As a result, the golf ball creates extremely long carry off the tee box and supports long irons in the same manner. 

The TaylorMade V3 is a bit harder than most balls, but the Ionomer Cover helps create a soft feel and high-level spin around the green. TaylorMade has also added Speedmantle Technology that has noticeably added distance to long irons. With all of the added distance, some players may fear that their control around the green will suffer.



Low spin means straighter and longer drives

Softer feel than other “distance” golf balls

Not so great around the greens

Do not worry, the Soft Ionomer Cover is perfect for maintaining soft control around the green. The TaylorMade V3 is perfect for the mid handicapper with an accurate stroke, looking to add strong distance to their game while maintaining soft control around the green.

What The Average Golfer Should Look For When Choosing A Golf Ball

The Right Compression For Your Swing Speed

The technology of golf clubs has increased over time, and in addition to that, the golf ball technology has increased as well. Every player has their unique swing and swing speed, ball compression is an important piece when determining the appropriate ball to match with your swing speed.

When looking at ball compression in terms of a sliding scale, we will want to match the slower swing speeds with the lower ball compressions. Looking more towards the 70-80 compression of a golf ball, this will match slower/moderate swing speeds and allow the ball to launch farther. When you move towards the 90 ball compression, you will want to make sure your swing speed is fast enough to compress the ball with 90 compression.

If you hit that ball longer than 275 yards on average, you are going to want to look at a golf ball with around 100 compression to maximize your swing speed. To zero in on the ball compression that is right for you, take various ball compression ratings to the driving range while using the same club to test distance and impact.

Low Spin Off The Driver

To determine what type of ball will give you lower spin off the driver’s face, you need to know what characteristics create that ball. A harder golf ball will always spin less than a softer golf ball.

Coming off the face of a driver, a harder golf ball will tend to hook and slice less. One and two-piece balls produce less spin off the driver’s face than a three or four-piece ball. The more layers and dimples there are on a ball, the more intention there is for spin.

Also, believe it or not, the low spin balls are cheaper and more affordable than the multi-layer premium balls that produce more spin. The one thing to consider is that these balls will not stop as well on the green. They hit hard and do not land as softly as high-spin multi-layer golf balls. You do gain the distance and accuracy off the tee, but you will have to adjust your game to make the ball stop on the green.

Control Around The Greens

For more control around the green, a golfer is going to want to look at a three-piece golf ball. While a three-piece golf ball does not offer more distance off the tee, the ball does offer more control around the green.

The three-piece ball is ideal for the improving golfer that is happy with their distance off the tee but is looking for more spin control with their irons. If you have a slower swing speed but are a mid handicapper, the three-piece golf ball is a great option. The soft rubber core provides a golfer with the distance they want while using the urethane cover on the ball for more control around the green.

If you have a slower swing speed and are an improving golfer, the three-piece golf ball is a great choice. Keep in mind, the three-piece golf ball is more expensive than the two-piece ball, but if you want to take your game to the next level as a mid handicapper, the three-piece is the way to go.


This may not be an important consideration to all golfers, but if you have a limited budget for golf then having a ball that is affordable is very important.

One of the reasons that the Srixon Q-Star Tour made the top of the list is that it gives you about 90% of the performance of most premium golf balls at a more affordable price.

When you’re on a budget, then you have to balance that budget between the equipment and paying for the rounds of golf. It’s always to play more golf with a mid-priced ball than it is to play less with a premium ball.

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