When To Use Each Golf Club

When you’re getting started in this sport, looking at a bag of 14 clubs can be overwhelming when you’re out on the course. But it doesn’t have to be. You use each golf club on the course based on the distance to your target, how far you typically hit each specific club, and other course … Read more

Why Do Golfers Yell Fore?

Fill your brain will all the swing tips and hacks there are, there is no more important piece of knowledge than the answer to “why do golfers yell fore?”. Yelling “fore” is what you do when you hit the golf ball at another group of people to warn them. And before you ask, yes this … Read more

Golf Etiquette (A Beginners Guide)

If you’re a new golfer, you want to fit in. While your game might not always allow for it, you can blend in by playing and dressing the part. The biggest key is acting the correct way. Others think you need to focus on lower scores, we think it’s by following the basics we’re laying … Read more

How To Break 100 In Golf

Everyone starts somewhere. Even Tiger Woods had to break 100 for the first time once. Of course, he probably did it around the same age that most of us are taking the training wheels off our bikes, but you get my point. Getting your score down to a legitimate two digit score is something to … Read more

The Golf Swing Plane Explained

One swing plane, two swing plane, which one is best, and how do I swing the club that way? Swing plane might be a foreign concept to some golfers but the majority of us have either read about swing plane or it has come up in a conversation with other golfers. If your mind is … Read more

Best Golf Drills For Beginners

Golf is one of the hardest sports to grasp as a beginner. Beginners need to learn every aspect of the game including driving, iron play, chipping, and putting. With so many aspects to conquer it is very easy for beginners to feel overwhelmed and to ultimately quit before they even get started. Think of the … Read more

How To Hit Irons Pure

Every golfer has stretches where they’re hitting the ball great, making putts, and hitting fairways. But for most of us, these stretches are far and few between. Where most golfers struggle is with consistency in their iron play. Hitting driver usually comes first when learning how to play, and the head size allows for a … Read more

How To Putt In Golf

Golf is a complex game with many different aspects. Being able to hit the golf ball with your woods and irons is very important, but those good shots will be worthless if you aren’t able to putt the ball into the hole. As a beginner, there are many new things to learn, but my advice … Read more

Lob Wedge vs. Sand Wedge (Do You Need Both?)

This is a common question that golfers find themselves asking, either when they’re new to the game or if they’re just frustrated with their current level of skill around the greens – To get my short game to the next level, should I be thinking beyond the sand wedge?  Could adding a lob wedge to … Read more

What Does Pin High Mean In Golf?

Golf, like many sports, has a lot of terms and phrases that may not make sense to beginners and those not familiar with the sport. “Pin high” or “hole high” in golf means that the ball has been hit on an approach shot to the same distance of the flagstick (which marks the location of … Read more

How To Hit A Hybrid Club Off The Ground

Being comfortable with every club in your bag is an essential part of scoring well on the golf course. For many golfers, trying to hit long irons or woods is difficult and can lead to inconsistency. If you’re one of these players, learning how to hit a hybrid club off the ground can lead to … Read more

Golf Rules On Water Hazards

Everyone ends up hitting into a water hazard at some point. That beautiful lake or oceanfront that makes you want to play the course can also get in the way of a good score. But if you know the golf rules on water hazards then you may be able to give yourself an opportunity to … Read more

Best Putting Training Aids

Golf has more gadgets and training aids that are supposed to help your game than any other sport and a lot of them are for putting. Most of them are completely useless. I know, I tried a lot of them. But some of them actually helped and I still use them when I work on … Read more

What Is A High MOI Putter?

Read anything about putter specs (including some posts here) and you’ll be sure to come across the term MOI in golf. But what does that actually mean? MOI when it comes to putters in golf, is an acronym for Moment of Intertia. In simple terms the higher the MIO, the more resistant the putter is … Read more

How To Read A Green In Golf

Putting is arguably the most important factor in a golfer’s score. The better you get, the more important it becomes. Learning how to putt in golf can have a major impact on your score. Golfers read so much content about improving their swing, eliminating their slide, and hitting the ball farther, but rarely take the … Read more