Best Golf Irons

Irons are the most used clubs in the bag and having a set that fits your game and are fitted properly can make a huge difference in your scores. Every year, I take a look at all the new irons on the market, test them out and share with you the best ones and the … Read more

Best Irons For High Handicap Golfers

Updated March 2022 Need irons that can help minimize those mishits and let you enjoy a day out on the course with your friends? Golf should be fun, no matter what your skill level. Not every golfer wants to spend hours at the range perfecting their swing. So I tried out a bunch of the … Read more

Best Irons For Mid Handicappers

Updated March 2022 You’re starting to see some improvement in your game and your handicap is showing it. Reaching that mid-handicap level (10-18 or so) is the perfect time to upgrade your irons. As you improve your swing, you might be playing with irons that are designed for less-skilled players or you may even still … Read more

Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons Review

The new Callaway Rought ST Max irons are all about forgiveness and distance, something Callaway has done really well for a long time. These irons are built for game improvement and made it to the top pick on our breakdown of the best irons for high handicappers (as soon as we update that list). Callaway … Read more

Stand Bag vs. Cart Bag (How To Choose…)

The main difference between a cart bag and a stand bag is that a cart bag is larger, has more storage, doesn’t have legs, and is designed to be attached to a cart while a carry bag is smaller, lighter, and has legs that extend when the bag is placed on the ground. What is … Read more

ProV1 vs. TP5

The Titleist ProV1 and the TaylorMade TP5 are two of the most popular premium golf balls on the market. But how do they compare to each other and which one should you be playing? The ProV1 is the self-proclaimed most popular ball in golf, but the TP5 is gaining traction since it first showed up. … Read more

Can Golf Irons Be Adjusted?

Golf irons can be adjusted for loft, lie, and length. These three adjustments are often necessary in order to ensure that clubs fit your swing and are giving you the best results. A professional club fitter can easily make these adjustments for you. Adjusting Lie Angle Adjusting the lie angle is the most common adjustment … Read more

6 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers

Not every golfer needs the best ball in golf. In fact, the best golf balls for average golfers aren’t always the premium ones. While some golfers are happy to play any ball they find to save money, they may not realize the impact this can have on their specific style of play. Our top pick, … Read more

Golf Ball Selector

Choosing a golf ball among the dozens of options out there can be difficult. So Under Par Goals has created this simple selector tool to help you narrow your options down to some of our top recommended golf balls that fit your profile. The Golf Ball Selector Tool is new and new options will be … Read more

Best Free Golf GPS App (for iPhone or Android)

Scratch golfer or 30-handicapper, we all feel lost on the course sometimes. While some spend hundreds of dollars on handheld GPS devices, others choose to go the more affordable way, the way of a free golf GPS app. However, there are countless free golf GPS apps out there. Today, I’m going to walk you through … Read more

Best Golf Bags For Push Carts

Using a push cart is the best of both worlds, great exercise, and less strain and exhaustion and the bags you might want need to be a balance between the ultralight and the heavy cart bags. Manufacturers don’t really designate bags as “push cart” bags so its more about finding the right balance of features … Read more

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

Anyone that watches golf for the first time is bound to wonder why golfers wear one glove. After all, in most sports where gloves are worn for a better grip, the players wear gloves on both hands. But not golf. So let’s start with why golfers wear them at all. What is a golf glove? … Read more

Best Pitching Wedges

No golf set is complete without a pitching wedge. A club that pulls your entire game together, the best pitching wedge can be used off the tee and around the green. How many other clubs can you do that with? Connecting your irons and wedge together, the best pitching wedge is absolutely essential. But, there … Read more

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Review

The Bushnell Tour V5 and V5 Shift are among the industry leaders for golf rangefinders. So I went to my local golf shop and picked up the V5 Shift to try out and review for you. The bottom line is that this device delivers exactly what you want in a rangefinder. The Tour V5 Shift … Read more

What’s In The Bag – Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is coming off his fifth top-three finish at the Masters Tournament. He is ranked 29th in the world, and so far in his career, he has collected a Masters win, U.S. Open win, and an Open Championship win.  Have you ever wondered what’s in the bag of the 27-year-old superstar? Here are the clubs … Read more

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft

Callaway has really gone all in with the low compression golf ball craze of recent years. So I took a look at two of their low compression balls, the premium model Chrome Soft and the affordable Supersoft. We’ll look at some Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft numbers on Trackman and figure out if there’s a big … Read more

Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers

Updated January 2021 The fairway wood is an important club for many players and if you’re still working on your swing and have a high handicap, then being comfortable with your woods can make a huge difference in your scores. You man also want to check our our list of the best irons for high … Read more

Types Of Golf Irons

The global golf equipment industry is valued at over $6 billion. Needless to say, it is a massive industry and as a result it is flooded with all different kinds of golf clubs. The majority of seasoned golfers have a favorite brand that they stick to, they know what type of irons and or clubs … Read more

What Size Golf Grip Do I Need?

Golf grip size is an often overlooked factor for many golfers when they are getting their clubs fit. Having the correct grip size can help with accuracy, comfort, and even help alleviate some chronic issues like arthritis. Golf Grip Sizing Guide Choosing the right size grip is part measurement and part getting the right feel. … Read more

Arccos Caddie Review

Arccos Caddie is the 3rd generation of the Arccos shot tracking system and I have to say that this version is excellent. I had the opportunity to play a few rounds with it before writing this and I am impressed with the accuracy and ease of use as well as the information and game analytics … Read more

Callaway Strata Review

If you’re a beginner golfer still deciding if the game is right for you, then the Callaway Strata Sets are a great option. For those of you that have been playing and want to take your game to the next level, you may do better to spend more money on a better, more complete, and … Read more

Best Golf Drivers For Women (2020 Guide)

The market is flooded with high-quality golf clubs. Buying a new driver or any other club for that matter can be a daunting task given all of the different options available to you. Not to worry, we are here to make your search a smooth one. Compare Prices Top PickCallaway Epic Flash Budget-Friendly OptionTaylor Made … Read more

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

An average round of golf takes approximately four hours to complete. That’s a lot of time on your feet, so you’ll want to have a solid pair of shoes that maximizes performance and comfort. Having wide feet myself, I discovered that not all golf shoes are built for people like us. If you fall into … Read more

Fairway Woods vs. Hybrids (…and how to choose)

While fairway woods and hybrids look similar, they are constructed different and serve very different roles in the bag of a golfer. The main difference between fairway woods and hybrids is that fairway woods have a broader sole and larger head than hybrids and are hit further, but with a lower trajectory while hybrids are … Read more

Best Golf Push Carts

For many die-hards, walking is the only way to play the game. But the reality is, the more often you play and the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to walk every single round. Even younger players should be thinking about preventing back problems later in life by using a push cart rather … Read more

How Long Do Golf Irons Last?

Outside of your putter, irons last longer than any other piece of golf equipment. But, like everything in golf, irons do have a shelf life. On average, a good set of irons can last from 5-10 years with regular play. Replacing them more frequently than that will help you keep up with modern club technology … Read more

Best Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas is one of the best brands in golf and for good reason. They manufacture high quality products that are comfortable and help with performance on the course. As far as golf shoes, they’re one of a few brands that are consistently atop the ratings in style, comfort, and performance. Here’s my picks for the … Read more

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

The SkyTrak is the ultimate high-level consumer model launch monitor. If you don’t want to invest $20,000 in a Trackman or but still want a simulator that provides similar performance then SkyTrak is your solution. Overview Before SkyTrak, the golf launch monitor was mainly for professional golfers and wealthy individuals that could afford the high-costs. … Read more

Best Golf Gifts For Beginners

The holiday season is on deck and golf is a sport that always has a lot of great gift items on the market. From full club sets to training devices, golf gifts will never disappoint anyone in your family who enjoys a round on the course. Here’s my top golf gifts for the beginner golfer … Read more

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf is a game you can play when you’re 100 years old. While it can be very casual, it’s impossible to not strive for improvement. As golfers get older, a main issue they face is losing swing speed and distance. In the last two decades, we’ve watched hybrids evolve from novelty to necessity. Below, we … Read more

How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Driver?

There is no clear-cut answer to the question, “How often should you change tour driver?” For most golfers, you’ll want to replace your driver every five years. Golf drivers do not wear out as easily as they did even 15 years ago. If you treat your driver well, there’s no reason it cannot last multiple … Read more

Best Fairway Woods for Seniors

Ah, the fairway wood; the club that sees the most action when things are not going well. It can be a struggling driver or long course, either way fairway woods are for distance. As you become Senior golfer, all courses seem longer and the need for more frequent long shots grows. We’ve got you covered … Read more

What Loft Should I Have On My Driver?

The average golfer swings between 75-100 mph. At this speed, you are best served with a driver between 10-12 degrees. Plenty of factors will go into picking the best driver loft for your game. Bottom line, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. In order to maximize distance, you’ll need to perfect a combination of launch angle, … Read more

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder Review

Rangefinders are very useful on the course, but they are also very expensive! Precision Pro is a newer company that is trying to keep the usefulness and change the really expensive part. I recently had the opportunity to review the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder. It is a much more affordable entry into the rangefinder … Read more

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs For High Handicappers

The most versatile club in your bag; the club that puts you on par with longer, better hitters; the hybrid. No golf bag is complete without one, (or a few). For high-handicap golfers, having the correct hybrid gives you the ability to hit high, arcing shots and shape the ball on the same level as … Read more

Titleist AVX Review

There has been a shift in the golf ball market lately towards softer balls for the average golfer. The Titleist AVX is the result of Titleist doing their research and coming up with an alternative to the Pro V series that more golfers can get the best performance out of. In fact, the name AVX … Read more

Flightscope Mevo Review

Professional tour players have the luxury of using top-notch launch monitors like the Trackman. While we all wish we could own a $20,000 launch monitor, unfortunately, many of us can’t afford that price point. Instead, we look towards the mid-range market and the Flightscope Mevo fits that breed. In fact, it made our list of … Read more

Do Pros Use Hybrids?

Do pros use hybrids? Plenty of amateur golfers carry them, yet you don’t hear much banter about them during a Sunday afternoon PGA TOUR broadcast. Why is that? Is it because not a single professional golfer uses one? Far from it. Hybrid clubs offer many of us amateurs the chance to not only hit yardages … Read more

Callaway Chrome Soft Review (2020 Model)

Compression 65 | Three-Piece | Low Compression The Callaway Chrome Soft has an extremely soft feel off the clubface. The three-piece ball has a Soft Fast Core with a DuraSpin cover, that will give you the touch and feel around the green you want. The ball has also been designed to give you lower spin … Read more

Best Irons For Seniors

Compare Prices TaylorMade M6 Budget OptionCleveland Launcher HB Best for Low Handicap SeniorsTitleist T400 Best for High Handicap SeniorsWilson Launch Pad Runner-upCallaway Big Bertha As your body changes and you become a Senior golfer, your golf equipment should to. When you start to get older, your swing speed slows down. With the right clubs, you … Read more

Ping Hoofer Lite Review

Ping makes good golf bags; the Hoofer Lite is no exception. Hoofer is about the most prominent line of golf bags Ping offers today. With the Hoofer, Hoofer 14 and Hoofer Craz-E Lite offered in addition to the Hoofer Lite, if you like the product line, there’s a bag you’ll love. While we really like … Read more

Best Golf Launch Monitors

The price ranges of launch monitors vary significantly. How can you determine which is the best fit for you? Let us help by diving into the detail of the prominent options on the market. We will focus on the consumer options first, therefore our Trackman review is located towards the bottom. Important Features Compare Prices … Read more