Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

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An average round of golf takes approximately four hours to complete. That’s a lot of time on your feet, so you’ll want to have a solid pair of shoes that maximizes performance and comfort.

Having wide feet myself, I discovered that not all golf shoes are built for people like us. If you fall into this category a regular shoe will usually not cut it on the course.

Of the many shoes I tried, the ECCO Cool 18 Gore-TEX were the hands down best golf shoes for wide feet on the market today.

Here’s how all the top picks break down…

Best Overall | ECCO Cool 18 GORE-TEX Golf Shoes

This won’t be ECCO’s only appearance on this list. With a Top-tier design and top-tier performance, ECCO Cool 18 shoes excel in every area. ECCO Cool 18’s are made to consider every difficulty a golfer with wide feet goes through on the course.

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While golf shoes are a small part of their business, this doesn’t mean they lack in craftsmanship. Since the shoes are made in Denmark, they’re sized with European lengths and no specific widths. This means that these shoes aren’t sized in the same way as a traditional American wide model. Don’t let that give you any fear. The shoes feature a removable sole if you want extra width to accommodate golfers with varying foot widths.

Golf shoes are moving away from a classic look and starting to take on the style of a sneaker. ECCO does just that in this model, but the brand keeps an old school flair as well. The shoe comes in four different colors schemes with a black, grey, and two different white models. They feature Champ Slim-Lok spikes, so you’ll be able to replace them anytime you wish for extra grip on the course.

ECCO couldn’t have made the Cool 18 any more comfortable. They combine soft leather with a stretchy technical fabric for a great fit. Even though the leather is soft, it’s durable and holds up very well in tough conditions. All these features combined with waterproof GORE-TEX technology puts the Cool 18’s in a class of their own.

The one issue with these shoes is the price point. Your wallet will get hit a little harder when purchasing these shoes than others on the list. Even so, they will last for more seasons than the average golf shoe because of their durability. In this case, the price will be worth it in the long run.

Best Spikeless Option | ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 GORE-TEX Golf Shoes

ECCO makes the best spikeless golf shoes for wide feet as well. The ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 were an easy choice for the top spot in this category. The main benefit of spikeless golf shoes is how convenient they are on the course. Wide golf shoes aren’t always built for players that enjoy walking. ECCO makes sure this group of golfers is taken care of with the Biom Hybrid 3’s.

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The key thing to look for with spikeless golf shoes is grip. Spikeless shoes won’t give the same grip as spiked shoes, but the versatility makes many golfers lean toward this style.

The Biom Hybrid 3 gives golfers a natural feel on the course. They’re low to the ground so you’ll be able to rotate through your swing without a lot of stress on your bottom half. This is what they’ve called their Biom motion technology within the shoe.

The natural feel is great for more than performance. ECCO crushed the comfortability of this shoe just like they did in their Cool 18 model. The outsole is completely leather which protects the shoes from easy damage. They still found a way to keep these shoes lightweight for less body strain.

GORE-TEX technology will keep your feet warm and dry on the inside so you’ll embrace rainy days on the course. The ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 comes in 11 different color schemes. Some have a classic feel while others give off a slicker vibe. There is truly a style for every type of golfer in the Biom Hybrid 3.

The one flaw with these shoes is that ECCO didn’t emphasize long term durability like their other model. This doesn’t mean that they won’t last for multiple seasons. In fact, they have an above average life in the golf shoe industry, but it’s not as long as some other ECCO models. Despite this, they come in at a significantly lower price point so their lifespan makes sense.

Best Lightweight Option | New Balance NBG2004 Spiked Comfort Golf Shoes

New Balance NBG2004 are spiked shoes, albeit a surprisingly lightweight version. When you combine weight with traction on the course, they can’t be beaten for the best lightweight option. Older golf shoes were uncomfortable. With New Balance NBG2004’s, you’re wearing a sneaker that performs like a golf shoe.

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the New Balance NBG2004 is their style. There’s no mistaking that they’re golf shoes, but they don’t have a classic feel. These are made for someone who wants to look and play great on the course. New Balance makes a black, white, and grey model so everyone should be able to find something they enjoy.

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New Balance NBG2004’s are built with Champ Slim-Lok spikes. With these, you’ll be able to easily replace the spikes whenever they begin to wear down. The spikes provide superior grip without giving up any comfort. They are built with a 10mm heel-to-toe drop with lightweight cushioning around the entire foot.

They’re very wide, especially in the toe which alleviates pinching throughout the foot. New Balance is known for a wide toe box in all of its models. Even if the NBG2004’s isn’t for you, there’s a solid chance you’ll be able to find another pair of New Balance’s that work.

Nbg2004 golf shoes are made with 100% microfiber leather which makes them durable and water-resistant. Unfortunately, a heavy downpour could still cause some issues if you don’t take cover from the rain.

The biggest issue with these shoes is that they have a low level of support. New Balance did an awesome job crafting a lightweight product, but they didn’t give stability the same consideration. Despite this, if you’re looking for a lightweight model and are okay giving up some support, these are still a great option.

Budget Option for Wide Feet | Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas doesn’t put out any bad golf products, so don’t be fooled by the low price of these shoes. Adidas Tech Response style is very simple so you wouldn’t even know they were golf shoes at first glance. They come in a variety of black, white, and grey designs. Anyone with a wider than average foot knows there’s varying levels of “wideness”. We want to make sure everyone’s accounted for.

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Adidas Tech Response shoes are spiked and give golfers a superior level of comfort on the course. The spikes are very low profile, so you’ll feel close to the ground. Added feel lets you focus on your swing without fear of slipping. This is also thanks to Adituff Technology which is apparent when you look at the bottom of the shoes.

Even though they’re a budget option, Tech Response shoes are still above average in comfort. Your feet will never scream because Adidas cut down on the appearance to deliver where it matters most…comfort.

Tech Response shoes are made with a combination of microfiber leather and lightweight mesh making them very light. They give golfers a lot of support which wasn’t the case with other New Balance models.

Adidas Tech Response shoes shoes are meant for wide feet, but are not the widest of wide. This shouldn’t be a problem though unless your feet are extremely wide. If this is the case, the New Balance Nbg2004 would be a better choice.

The price point is awesome on these shoes and they will last for multiple seasons. For these reasons, I don’t think you’ll find a better wide model that you and your wallet will both love.

Runner-Up | Callaway Coronado Golf Shoes

Callaway Coronado golf shoes are very similar to the ECCO Cool 18, but they didn’t rank quite as high in my mind. They are an American-made model, so they come with traditional wide sizing which is a plus. Callaway Coronado’s also have a very supportive feel when it comes to comfortability. Support and traction, that’s what you get with Callaway Coronado shoes. Do you need anything else?

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Callaway Coronado’s are spiked shoes that give golfers excellent underfoot traction. You’ll be able to rotate your lower half with power and feel stable in the turf. They’re extremely breathable because Callaway implemented an Opti-Vent liner. Without going into detail, all you need to know is that you can walk comfortably on the hottest days of the summer.

These shoes are awesome, but they’re a runner up because they don’t do anything better than the Cool 18. They tie or fall just short in every category. Callaway Coronado shoes come in at a high price point so even though they’re a little cheaper than the Cool 18, I couldn’t award them with the top spot.

I don’t doubt that you’ll be happy with Callaway Coronado shoes, but they’re a small step below the Cool 18.

Best Brands for Wide Feet

Three brands stand out for making great shoes for wide-footed golfers. These brands are ECCO, New Balance, and Skechers. I know Skechers didn’t make the list, but they always have the wide-footed golfer in mind. Callaway and Adidas don’t always cater to wide feet, but the two models that I mentioned were an exception.

As I stated earlier, ECCO is based in Denmark. They don’t have traditional fitting guidelines, but their shoes are built wide. They are so technologically advanced that they will form to your feet. They may be a little tight after your first couple of rounds, but they will form to your foot wideness very quickly. There isn’t a better wide shoe brand that you can buy right now.

New Balance and Skechers come in traditional wide sizes. Even their regular shoes are wide. New Balance is known for having wide toe boxes which reduces foot pinching.

I have found Skechers to be wide in the toe box and the midfoot. This varies depending on the model, but Skechers is a great choice if your feet are very wide. You’ll be able to find a model that will keep your feet comfortable every single round.

Every brand in the golf industry has its own wide models, but these three brands cater to the wide-footed golfer.

What to Look for In Shoes If You Have Wide Feet

If none of these models sparked your interest, here’s what you should look for in a golf shoe if you have wide feet.

Wide Bases

If any part of your golf shoe is tight, you’re going to have some level of discomfort. With a proper fit, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable tightness in any area. If the toe box is loose, but the midfoot is tight, you’re still going to have issues. Find a shoe that’s consistently wide throughout the base.

Removable Insoles

Not all golf shoes offer this feature, but it’s a huge bonus if you find a model that has this ability. Removable insoles give you an extra level of protection if your shoes suddenly become too tight. A removable insole will give you extra room which will result in pain relief and comfort.


Wide feet need to be supported to decrease leg strain. Look for a shoe that you could wear all day and not get fatigued. People need different levels of support. Something like this can also depend on body size. You’re going to want support in all areas of your feet as well as in your ankles.

No matter what golf shoe you buy, I recommend trying on multiple pairs. If you’re buying from Amazon, they’ll let you try before you buy with their Wardrobe Service.

All shoes that proclaim that they’re wide vary so don’t believe everything you hear from a company. If you do your research, I know you’ll pick a great shoe that you’ll be happy with in every round that you play!

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