Callaway Supersoft Review (2019)

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Among all the brands that offer golf balls, the Callaway range of golf balls has been able to successfully establish themselves as a major player in the golf ball market. They often go against traditional ball designs and offer their consumers some ultra-modern and cutting-edge features that have most golfers impressed. 

In this review for Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, my goal is to give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the Supersoft and offer some guidance as to who can benefit most from this product.

Callaway Supersoft golf ball
Callaway offers the Supersoft in white and yellow colors.
Cover MaterialSurlyn (Ionomer)
Greenside SpinMedium
CompressionVery Low (38)
Colors AvailablePure White, Tour Yellow
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Overall Impression

I really liked this golf ball but it has to fit your swing. It isn’t for everyone. If you have a slower swing speed or prefer a very soft feeling ball, then this might be the perfect ball for you. In fact, it may be the best ball under $25 that you can buy.

Even the visibility of this ball is a lot more than other products that have traditional colors. These golf balls can be bought in 4 colors which include lime, turquoise, orange, and the traditional white.


We’ll talk about feel first because it is probably the first thing that most golfers notice when playing any ball AND it is easily the most distinctive feature of the Supersoft golf ball.

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball has a 38 compression that makes it among the softest golf balls in the market.

It certainly lives up to its name. When you strike the ball it’s like hitting a pillow. At higher swing speeds it feels a little mushy, but with a slower swing (under 95 mph), it feels great.


Typically, golfers look for balls that have lower rates of spin because this decreases the overall speed range of the shot. Lower rates of spin are, therefore, a real threat for most golfers and keep them from reaching their desired goals. 

Thankfully enough, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball doesn’t have low spin rates and provides users with longer and straighter ball flights. The ultra-low compression of this product has to be thanked for controlling the rate of spin.


The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball generally delivers straighter and longer shots for slow to average swing speeds. Some golfers have said that this ball can help you feel what professional golfers feel in their swings. 

The very low compression (38) means that just about any swing speed can compress the ball and take advantage of the rebound effect to create more ball speed. That means longer drives for most golfers. It also makes this a great winter ball for anyone, even players with higher swing speeds.

But this ball is more than the soft compression. The 2 piece design let the designers control the spin even with such a low compression. Typically, the 2 piece design is reserved for balls designed purely for distance. This combination is what makes the ball so attractive for many golfers.

Short Game Control 

This is where the Supersoft falls short of the more premium balls. This has everything to do with the surlyn cover. The soft compression lets you get some decent spin on full swing wedge shots.

However, when you aren’t swinging fast enough to compress the ball, all the spin comes from the softness of the cover. Since the Supersoft lacks the urethane cover found on more expensive balls, you just can’t get as much spin on your short game shots.

As a result of the cover material, you lose a little control on chips and pitches. However, at this low price point, that is to be expected. I will add that this ball does seem to have more short game control compared to other surlyn cover balls.


While a lot of the features discussed above have made the Supersoft a potential favorite for golfers, putting is more of a personal thing. Some golfers may find it a little too soft on the greens, but low compression has it’s benefits while putting too.

The softness of the ball make it easy for the user to transfer maximum levels of energy from minimal swings. This means that these golf balls can actually help you with increased accuracy when putting as opposed to its competitors. 

Putting feel is just something you need to try for yourself with any ball you’re interested in playing. So give it a try.


Callaway Supersoft golf ball
The ionomer cover is more durable than surlyn but comes with a loss of greenside spin.

This ball is made with a Surlyn cover that is more durable than urethane but not as soft. Players will enjoy more consecutive rounds of play with just a single ball. One of the more common  

This, combined with the low price point makes it a very attractive purchase for those that prefer to spend their money on more rounds of golf instead of expensive golf balls.  

Callaway Supersoft Magna

The magna is simply a version of the Supersoft that is slightly larger. It is, though, still within the acceptable dimensions in the rules of golf.

The reasoning, according to Callaway, is to raise the center of of the ball when it is sitting on the ground, making it easier to get airborne from any lie on the course. Kind of like teeing it up for every shot.

Of course, the larger size means a loss of distance, especially on longer shot. The magna is clearly targeted towards golfers that have a difficult time getting the ball in the air off the ground.

Who Is The Supersoft For?

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball has been designed in a manner that its specific dimensions can be broken down individually for seasoned golfers and beginners alike. The most likely customer of this product, however, will be novice golfers due to the fact that it enhances their skills.

That said, every type of golfer will be comfortable with this product and it doesn’t matter how advanced they are in the game. This product helps improve the shooting skills of beginners and enhances the experiences of the most seasoned golfers by managing its contact with the club. 

While it is quite apparent that beginners should opt for the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball, these consumers can look for products that were specifically designed for them. If you wish to find such products, you can go ahead and read through our Best Golf Ball for Beginners guide.

These golf balls can work perfectly for senior players as well. This is due to the fact that they can hit the ball farther with a slower swing speed due to the low compression of the golf ball.

Final Verdict

Picking great golf balls is quite necessarily a very essential task for every golfer. Doing so will enhance the overall experience of golfers with straighter and longer shots that are much more accurate. With just a few days of practice with the right golf balls, you will feel ready enough to test your skills in a tournament. 

For an up-and-coming golfer, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball can really speed up your game improvement in a relatively short time. So are you ready to improve your golfing experience? Try the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball for yourself to experience all of the above. 

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