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Click to read our complete guide on the best golf balls for every player depending on your playing style or skill level.

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Just getting started with the sport of golf? Click here for our beginners guide to learning all the club names and uses.

Best Drivers

If you want to get the ball as far down the fairway as possible and keep it in play, you'll need the right driver for your game. Find it here.

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Tips & Instruction

Green In Regulation (…why it’s so important to track)

A green in regulation (“GIR”) is when your ball reaches the green in two less strokes than the par for that hole. That means reaching …

Tips & Instruction

Playing Golf In Winter Conditions (How To Beat The Cold)

Playing golf in winter conditions can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are unprepared or go in with the wrong mindset. For many regions, …

Tips & Instruction

What Percentage Of Golfers Break Par? (and 70, 80, 90, 100)

The percentage of golfers that break par in their lifetime is about 0.5% of all golfers. Golf is an individual sport. Our only way of …

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Golf Gear

Best Golf Balls For The Average Golfer (A Mid-Handicappers Guide)

Now that you have made it to a mid-handicapper, you want to start playing a consistent golf ball to supplement your game. While some golfers …

Golf Gear

Best Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas is one of the best brands in golf and for good reason. They manufacture high quality products that are comfortable and help with performance …

Golf Gear

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

The SkyTrak is the ultimate high-level consumer model launch monitor. If you don’t want to invest $20,000 in a Trackman or but still want a …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Gifts For Beginners

The holiday season is on deck and golf is a sport that always has a lot of great gift items on the market. From full …

Golf Gear

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf is a game you can play when you’re 100 years old. While it can be very casual, it’s impossible to not strive for improvement. …

Tips & Instruction

The Golf Swing Plane Explained

One swing plane, two swing plane, which one is best, and how do I swing the club that way? Swing plane might be a foreign …

Golf Gear

How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Driver?

There is no clear-cut answer to the question, “How often should you change tour driver?” For most golfers, you’ll want to replace your driver every …

Golf Gear

Best Fairway Woods for Seniors

Ah, the fairway wood; the club that sees the most action when things are not going well. It can be a struggling driver or long …

Golf Gear

What Loft Should I Have On My Driver?

The average golfer swings between 75-100 mph. At this speed, you are best served with a driver between 10-12 degrees. Plenty of factors will go …

Golf Gear

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder Review

Rangefinders are very useful on the course, but they are also very expensive! Precision Pro is a newer company that is trying to keep the …

Tips & Instruction

Best Golf Drills For Beginners

Golf is one of the hardest sports to grasp as a beginner. Beginners need to learn every aspect of the game including driving, iron play, …

Golf Gear

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs For High Handicappers

The most versatile club in your bag; the club that puts you on par with longer, better hitters; the hybrid. No golf bag is complete …

Golf Gear

Titleist AVX Review

There has been a shift in the golf ball market lately towards softer balls for the average golfer. The Titleist AVX is the result of …

Golf Gear

Flightscope Mevo Review

Professional tour players have the luxury of using top-notch launch monitors like the Trackman. While we all wish we could own a $20,000 launch monitor, …

Golf Gear

Do Pros Use Hybrids?

Do pros use hybrids? Plenty of amateur golfers carry them, yet you don’t hear much banter about them during a Sunday afternoon PGA TOUR broadcast. …

Tips & Instruction

How To Improve Your Golf Game At Home (11 Things You Can Do Now)

There are a lot of good reasons to work on improving your golf game at home. It can save you a lot of money, allow …

Tips & Instruction

How To Hit Irons Pure

Every golfer has stretches where they’re hitting the ball great, making putts, and hitting fairways. But for most of us, these stretches are far and …

Tips & Instruction

How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball (5 Ways To Prevent It)

No matter the skill level, every golfer in the world hits bad shots. There is a miss that even PGA Tour players are familiar with, …

Golf Gear

Callaway Chrome Soft Review (2020 Model)

Compression 65 | Three-Piece | Low Compression The Callaway Chrome Soft has an extremely soft feel off the clubface. The three-piece ball has a Soft …

Golf Gear

Best Irons For Seniors

Compare Prices TaylorMade M6 Budget OptionCleveland Launcher HB Best for Low Handicap SeniorsTitleist T400 Best for High Handicap SeniorsWilson Launch Pad Runner-upCallaway Big Bertha As …

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