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Click to read our complete guide on the best golf balls for every player depending on your playing style or skill level.

Club Guide For Beginners

Just getting started with the sport of golf? Click here for our beginners guide to learning all the club names and uses.

Best Drivers

If you want to get the ball as far down the fairway as possible and keep it in play, you'll need the right driver for your game. Find it here.

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Tips & Instruction

How To Break 100 In Golf

Everyone starts somewhere. Even Tiger Woods had to break 100 for the first time once. Of course, he probably did it around the same age …

Tips & Instruction

Green In Regulation (…why it’s so important to track)

A green in regulation (“GIR”) is when your ball reaches the green in two less strokes than the par for that hole. That means reaching …

Tips & Instruction

Playing Golf In Winter Conditions (How To Beat The Cold)

Playing golf in winter conditions can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are unprepared or go in with the wrong mindset. For many regions, …

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Golf Gear

Best Driver For Beginners

As a beginner, you’re just getting started with golf and trying to find clubs can be frustrating. There are so many choices and the commercials …

Tips & Instruction

Golf For Beginners: A Simple Guide To Get Started Playing Golf

1. Try It Out At The Practice Range If you have never picked up a golf club before then the first place you should head …

Tips & Instruction

How To Hit A Hybrid Club Off The Ground

Being comfortable with every club in your bag is an essential part of scoring well on the golf course. For many golfers, trying to hit …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Gifts (At Every Budget)

Shopping for golfers is difficult. I know, I am one. Golfers are very particular about their equipment and avid golfers usually get their gear custom …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Nets For Home Practice

If you want to improve your game, you need to practice. Tour pros hit hundreds of golf balls a day. But if you don’t have …

Golf Gear

How To Use A Rangefinder On The Golf Course

No one enjoys going to the golf range and missing all the holes. The golf rangefinder can help newbies, and expert golfers improve their swing. …

Tips & Instruction

How To Address A Golf Ball With A Driver

There’s no shortage of instructional content online telling you how to address a golf ball with a driver. And all of them have their own …

Golf Gear

Callaway Supersoft vs. Superhot (A Detailed Comparison)

What’s The Difference Between Callaway Supersoft vs. Superhot Golf Balls? Callaway Supersoft Callaway Superhot Find On Amazon MSRP $22.99 $29.99 Construction 3-piece 3-piece Cover Material …

Golf Gear

What To Wear Golfing For The First Time (A Beginner’s Guide)

My uncle used to tell me the story of the first time a friend invited him to a local golf course. He was a blue …

Golf Gear

Bridgestone E6 Review (2019)

The Bridgestone E6 golf balls are a bit of a merger of their previous E6 models, the E6 Soft and the E6 Speed. Bridgestone doesn’t …

Golf Gear

Callaway Supersoft Review (2019)

Among all the brands that offer golf balls, the Callaway range of golf balls has been able to successfully establish themselves as a major player …

Tips & Instruction

Driving Range Tips For Beginners

As a beginner golfer, many aspects of the game can seem intimidating. Maybe second only to the first tee is a crowded practice range where …

Tips & Instruction

Deciding What Clubs To Take To The Driving Range

One thing I hear all the time is a new golfer who wants to practice their swing but gets to the range, looks at their …

Golf Gear

Srixon Z-Star vs. Pro V1

These are the two golf balls that I have played the most over the past few years. They are quite similar. So I am constantly …

Closeup of a golf ball
Golf Gear

What Is Golf Ball Compression?

Golf ball compression is one of those terms you hear all the time around golf but do you know what it really means? Golf ball …

Golf Gear

Chrome Soft vs. Pro V1

Callaway Chrome Soft Titliest Pro V1 MSRP $44.99 $47.99 Construction 4-piece 3-piece Cover Material Urethane Urethane Feel Very Soft Soft Greenside Spin High High Compression …

Golf Gear

How To Choose The Right Golf Ball For My Game

Even after testing out multiple golf balls and writing reviews on them here, when I decided to pick a golf ball to use this season, …

Golf Gear

Best Golf Rangefinders

Rangefinders are quickly becoming essential equipment for every golfer that doesn’t have a caddie with them to get yardages. With the rules recently changing to …

Golf Gear

SC200 Swing Caddie Review

The SC200 is a device that can put some (but not all) launch monitor stats in the hands of the average golfer and really help your game.

Golf Gear

Best Golf Balls For Cold Weather

You’re not going to let a little cold keep you off the golf course. When most other golfers have put their clubs in the attic, …

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