Short Game Training Program

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Want More Consistency In Your Short Game?

This simple training system will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your overall short game skills.

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Most Golf Instructors Agree that improving your short game is the fastest way to shoot lower scores

you don’t need a 120 MPH swing speed to get up and down from a greenside bunker.

anyone can get comfortable with the Shots You Need Around The Green

Consistency Around The Green

Confident Shot Selection

More Up and Downs

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

But with so many types of shots faced on the course…how do you know what to practice and how to improve?

  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bump and Run
  • Bunker Shots
  • Partial Wedge Shots
  • Short Shots From The Rough
  • Controlling Spin

Imagine having a Simple Practice Plan You Can Work Through to Ensure You’ll be comfortable over any short game shot on the course…

One thing that prevents amateur golfers from getting better around the greens is that they simply don’t know what they should work on first.

When golf isn’t your full time profession, finding time to practice can be difficult. And short game practice can be even harder because you need to find a practice area with a green and chipping/pitching area.

All this adds up to the fact that if you want to improve, you need to know what to work on or else you are just wasting your time.

You need a strategic system to guide your limited practice time…

So Why Should You Listen To Me?

If you’ve been following Under Par Goals, you might know that what makes it one of the best golf sites on the internet is that we find some of the best writers and contributors to create content for you.

So We Did The Exact Same Thing When Developing This Program…

When we wanted to develop a comprehensive short game practice program, we reached out to some of the best golfers and instructors we knew. They all contributed and we came up with this…

Short Game Practice Program

A step-by-step training for golfers to make the most of their limited practice time and gain consistency in their short game…

What You’ll Learn…

Simple Skills Assessment & Tracking

Understanding The Different Shots You Need To Know

Drills and Instruction Targeting Your Weknesses

What’s In The Course…

5 Step Practice Strategy

My goal if to give you an overall strategy to your practice so that you don’t waste time.

I know you’re not a professional golfer that can spend hours a day on the practice green. So efficiency is extremely important so that the time you do have can be spent wisely.

This strategy helps you do that while at the same time letting you enjoy your weekend rounds while improving.

Skills Assessment

The core ingredient to improving your short game is identifying the parts of your short game that are costing you the most strokes.

Our detailed skills assessment is a simple, straightforward way for you to challenge yourself, identify strengths and weaknesses, and track improvement over time.

Short Game Drills & Instruction

Once you know what you need to work on, we’ll provide you with drills and practice techniques specifically designed to target those areas that you need to work on.

This part of the program will be updated regularly based on feedback from the participants with more resources, drills, and videos on the topics that YOU want most.

You’ll get more than just The A Bunch of Videos…

The Program Itself ($1000 Value)

Golfers pay $500 every day for a new driver or $1000 for new irons because they think it will lower their scores a few strokes. So while it’s really hard to put a value on lower golf scores when you aren’t playing for a living, I think it’s safe to say that lifetime access to a short game program that gives you the tools to lower your handicap significantly is probably worth the same as a new set of irons.

Members Only Online Community ($500 Value)

(coming soon) As one of the first members of the Under Par Goals Short Game Program, you’ll be among the first to have access to our “members only” golf forum. We are working on putting it together right now and it will be up and running very soon. Talk to other golfers working through the same things you are. Learn from each other and maybe even find a new playing partner or two. So if this can shave a couple more strokes off your score then it’s probably worth the same as a new driver, right?

Progress Tracking Checklist ($100 Value)

Stay on track while you’re working on your game without having to wonder if you are making any progress. With both a printable sheet you can take to the course and a downloadable spreadsheet you can use to track your progress over time, you’ll always know where your short game is at and what you can do to improve.

Lifetime Updates (Value: Only Time Will Tell)

As long as Under Par Goals is still around, you’ll have access to our Short Game Program. So as we improve it based on feedback directly from golfers in the program, you’ll get the benefit of those improvements without ever having to pay for them.

So I think it would be a great value if I offered this Course for $1000

But I want to make it affordable for more people, so i’ll be offering the course at $197

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We want to get our first group of golfers in the program at a very reduced rate so that your input can guide what we add to the program.

You’ll get the benefit of an introductory price AND get lifetime access so you’ll never have to pay another dime even when we add more to the program and raise the price.

You’ll Get…

  • Short Game Skills Assessment Method
  • Tracking Sheets To Document Your Progress
  • Our Experts’ Top Drills For Each Aspect You Need To Work On
  • Your Feedback Will Shape The Course Going Forward
  • LIFETIME Updates When Updates Are Added
  • Online Members Only Community To Share Tips and Get Feedback (Coming Soon)
  • Online Video Drills and Lessons (Coming Soon)

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What Kind Of Golfer Is This For?

Everyone can benefit from working on their short game. However, if you are a brand new golfer just learning the game, then this program may not be ideal for you. We cover specific aspects of the game that you may not be completely familiar with yet. Go out and learn the game in general, then when you are ready to work specifically on your short game, come back here.

Do I Need access to a practice green for this?

Access to a great short game practice area is ideal but not necessary. However, you do need some sort of practice green that allows chipping and pitching. Many courses offer this type of area. Just check with the course before starting to use it.

Can I access this program on a mobile device?

Yes. Our online system is optimized to view on any device…desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.