More Consistency In your short game without changing your swing

This simple training system will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your overall short-game skills.

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Is your short game hurting your scores?

Most golfers don’t even think about the short game until they’re on the course and need an up and down for par.

You might spend $500 on a new driver but even if it gets you a little further down the fairway…you just give away strokes around the green.

So you just accept that you aren’t good around the green and write down another bogey or double bogey.

Unfortunately, that mentality is exactly what is holding you back.

Professional Golfers Know That Being Good Around The Green Is Essential To Shooting Lower Scores

…and their practice routines reflect that.

Most low-handicap golfers spend the majority of their practice time on and around the greens developing the feel and skills that let them turn missed greens into pars rather than bogeys.

That’s why I’ve spent the last few years talking with coaches, instructors, and high-level players to create a step-by-step practice system that will help you identify your short game weaknesses and improve them in less time than you ever thought possible…

This is not a course about learning new swing techniques. This is a practice system that will help you improve your game consistently (no matter what your current skill level is) for years and years.

What You’ll Get…

Short Game Skills Assessment Tool

A series of short game skills tests to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. You’ll get a spreadsheet to enter your results in and figure out what you need to work on to get the fastest results.

Targeted Short Game Drills

These are drills I gathered from all the coaches, instructors, and elite players that I’ve gotten to talk to as a result of running Under Par Goals. The drills are designed to target specific aspects of your short game and challenge you to improve so that when you get on the course, you can step up to your shot confidently.

Lifetime Updates

Everyone learns differently, and I realize that no training program is perfect. So once you enroll, I’ll be asking for your feedback on the skills assessment and the drills. Then I’ll go out and find experts to add components to the course to make it even better.

The best part is…once you enroll, you’ll get all these updates for free for the lifetime of the course.

If you were to buy new clubs or take private lessons it would cost you well over $1000, and you may not get any results.

So I could sell this program for $500 and it would still be a great value.

But my goal is to ensure as many people as possible start enjoying the game like I do, so you can enroll today for only $47.

And in case you’re not convinced this is the best way to practice your short game, here’s my…


I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this course.

If the course just isn’t for you, and you’re not 100% satisfied within 30 days, just email me and I’ll give you a full refund.

That means there’s no risk to you. You can enroll today to take advantage of this offer and then decide if the practice program is right for you.

You’ll be missing out on lifetime access and future updates and improvements to the program, but I promise there are no hard feelings, I understand it isn’t for everyone.