SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

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The SkyTrak is the ultimate high-level consumer model launch monitor.

If you don’t want to invest $20,000 in a Trackman or but still want a simulator that provides similar performance then SkyTrak is your solution.


SkyTrak Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak is the ultimate high-level consumer model launch monitor for any player wanting top performance at an affordable price.

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Before SkyTrak, the golf launch monitor was mainly for professional golfers and wealthy individuals that could afford the high-costs. SkyTrak completely changed the market by developing an extremely accurate and affordable monitor for a base price of $2,000.

The SkyTrak golf launch monitor is our top pick because of its affordability combined with high-level accuracy. SkyTrak markets the launch monitor using the branding that it is for the recreational golfer that wants top-notch accuracy but can pay a reasonable price for the software package.

While the SkyTrak will run you about $2,000, it is not nearly as expensive as a commercial launch monitor set up that would cost around $15,000 – $30,000.


SkyTrak golf simulator software is available in many options for how you want to play courses with your simulator

WGT Courses

WGT software, while easy to set up and a well-known name brand, has one of the lower course selection options of the available technologies for SkyTrak.

The total course selection available on the WGT software includes 18 courses. Something to note is that the 18 courses are very notable. Courses include Chambers Bay, Pinehurst #2, Bethpage Black, St. Andrews, Olympic Club, Pebble Beach and more.

E6 Connect Courses

If you use the E6 Connect golf course bundle on iOS you will have 15 courses available for access.

However, if you use a PC to access your E6 Connect courses you will receive access to 27 courses. You can even expand on either platform by purchasing expansion packs through E6 Connect courses that allow you to acquire more courses to play.

For the quality of the courses, the feedback has shown that they are very high-level and nearly identical to real-life. Courses worth mentioning include Troon North, Latrobe Country Club, Pinehurst #8 and many more.

The Golf Club 2019 Courses

The ultimate selection of courses that you can play, in terms of quantity, on the SkyTrak golf simulator.

There are over 100,000 courses that are both premium and user-created courses. With the high number of courses, the other software options don’t match up in terms of the number of courses.

There is one little catch to having this many options, users can replicate courses and create similar names to the premium courses. At times this can make it difficult to find the premium option, however, normally you can locate the premium course by looking at the number of times that course has been played.

The higher number of plays the course has, the more likely it is the premium course or a course close to the premium option. Some of the camera angles are lacking in WGT. Reportedly they have a simple set of camera views and do not have a flyover option to take a look at the hole.


WGT Graphics

WGT does a great job making their graphics look very “photo-like”.

This means that when you are playing it appears like you are watching a golf tournament on tv. Instead of giving you a video game feel, it instead makes you feel like you are watching a broadcast of your golf shots.

E6 Connect Graphics

While E6 Connect has a solid group of courses to choose from, over the years they have fallen behind in terms of graphics performance.

They do still have a quality product in terms of a realistic look, but the other software options have caught up to E6 Connect. Take a look for yourself because all of the software platforms have pretty similar HD quality graphics.

The Golf Club 2019 Graphics

Golf Club 2019 has Ultra HD 4K graphics that make it look super sleek. The Golf Club 2019 probably has one of the best graphic presentations of all the software available for SkyTrak. Reportedly the graphics make you feel like you are playing on a lifelike visual presentation of a golf course.

Minimum Requirements For Skytrack Software

Believe it or not, all of the available software options for the SkyTrak launch monitor do not all have the same system requirements. Here’s a breakdown of what is required for each software if you choose to run it on your Skytrak launch monitor.

WGT Golf System Requirements

To use WGT Software on the SkyTrak launch monitor you will need to purchase the SkyTrak Play and Improve Plan that costs $199.95 p/year. When considering the upfront cost of the launch monitor, this cost may be a pain for some that wanted an all-in-one solution. You will also need an iPad that has 3-D graphics support. The following are devices that have confirmed compatibility with the WGT software

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display)
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Pro

Additionally, you will need to download the free WGT Golf Mobile App from the App Store of your device.

E6 Connect System Requirements

To use the E6 Connect software with your SkyTrak launch monitor you will need to pay a yearly fee of $99.95. This is $100 cheaper than the cost of WGT’s yearly subscription plan. The name of the plan you will need to purchase is SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan. The catch is, you will also have to purchase an annual or monthly fee to E6 Golf. The types of devices that work with the E6 software includes:

  • iOS
    • iPhone 8 or newer
    • First-generation iPad Pro Gen 1 or newer
    • iPad Air 2019
    • iOS Version 11 or greater
  • PC
    • i3, i5, i7 – 2.0Ghz or faster processor
    • 4GB RAM | Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
    • 25GB free hard drive space
    • nVidia dedicated graphics GTX 460 or higher with minimum 1GB RAM video memory
    • DVD drive (if installing from disc)
    • **Windows 10 compatibility: TruGolf E6 will run on a Windows 10 system, however, some users have reported issues**

The Golf Club 2019 System Requirements

To use the Golf Club 2019 software on your SkyTrak launch monitor you will need to purchase the Game Improvement Plan for $99.95 p/year, similar to the E6 Connect software. Additionally, you will need to purchase a yearly or monthly subscription to The Golf Club 2019. The platforms and devices that the software is compatible with includes:

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-760 @ 2.80GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GTX 670 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible

Alternative Software Options

Creative Golf 3D

Creative Golf 3D provides you with the ability to access online events, skill challenges and full course play.

Some of the unique game options that Creative Golf 3D has, includes mini-golf, fairytale golf for kids, island target practice and a window-smashing game.

The software provides you with 5 courses initially, however, you can purchase up to 100 additional courses from the software. Most of the designed courses are located in Europe.

Even with the high level of graphics, the lack of noteworthy United States courses may make the course option on this software undesirable to those that don’t recognize the course names.

This software is unique from other software mainly due to its 3D game software. If you are looking for more entertainment heavy software, the Creative Golf 3D is a good option. Creative Golf 3D is available for purchase at the cost of a one-time payment of $499.95 or $199.95 p/year. You must also be subscribed to SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan for $99 p/year.

Fitness Golf

Fitness Golf is pretty unique because it incorporates biking, walking, and running into your round.

To virtually move, you connect a fob sensor to your shoe that tracks your movement. For a bike, there is a bike fob to attach to any stationary bike. Your end score from the round is affected by your shots and the amount of time it took you to cover the distance of the course.

Course selection is pretty solid including Augusta, Pebble Beach, Chambers Bay and PGA National. Fitness Golf is a one-time purchase of $399.95 on top of a subscription to SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan $99 p/year.

ProTee Play

ProTee Play is software for SkyTrak that is aimed towards gamers.

There is no full course play available with the ProTee Play software. Some of the games included are Pub Darts, a game in which you are shooting the golf ball like a dart at the screen of a giant dartboard. Zombie Golf is another game time where you attempt to hit zombies with flaming golf balls struck from your club.

Another game example is Demolition Range where you increase your score by hitting different unique objects like statues, cows and pianos.

In total, the software has 20 games available and the software continues to add more games and features. ProTee Play software can be purchased for a one-time payment of $399, or $149 p/year. Also, you will need to be subscribed to SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan for $99 p/year.  


SkyTrak is rated as one of the highest accuracy launch monitors on the market.

The launch monitor uses high-speed optical sensors to maintain a variation of accuracy generally only one to two feet from actual driving range shots.

The photometric technology in their optical sensors is what reads the actual golf shot. The accuracy of the SkyTrak is top-notch. In comparison to its competitor the Foresight Launch Monitor which costs between $8,000 to $15,000, players have said they notice their ball flight data to have relatively similar measurements across the two monitors.

What’s Included When You Buy

There are several different launch monitor packages that SkyTrak sells.

At the very minimum base package, you will receive the launch monitor with a protective metal case. Without additional add-ons, every SkyTrack package comes with the base practice range and game challenges including Closest To The Pin and Long Drive Competition.

As you move into the more expensive packages, add-ons available include Play & Improve Plan, Range Servant DURA Golf Mat, WGT Play and Improve Plan, Net Returns Home Series Mat and Net Returns 6×6 Home Turf Mat.

The pricing on the different packages ranges from $1,995 to $6,688.


The Skytrak is very easy to use and is extremely portable. SkyTrak’s Lithium-Polymer battery is ready to use for 5+ hours after charge.

After downloading the SkyTrak app, you can use the launch monitor’s USB port to connect to your device and establish a Wifi connection for wireless play. Register your SkyTrack and you can get started.

When you place the ball in front of the launch monitor three LED lights on the monitor will tell you if the ball is ready to hit. Three green LED lights means it is ready to hit. If you see any of the yellow or red lights, then one of three indicator lights tell you what is not synced properly between Wifi, Ready and Power to determine your troubleshooting.

The launch monitor comes with the basic practice range, closest to the pin, target practice and longest drive competition. For the more advanced packages, you can get access to play on the course and even play friends or opponents head to head live using online play.

You can sync your launch monitor to further course formats including WGT, Fitness Golf, Creative Golf 3D, TruGolf and The Golf Club Game. 

Pros/Cons List


  • Within 1-2 feet accuracy of driving range shots
  • Affordable for the recreational golfer
  • Wireless
  • Accurate Data
  • Portable – Ability to Move The Monitor
  • Easy To Use
  • High-Level Software For Play


  • Does not track club path
  • Slight delay from ball impact to flight projection on the screen
  • Small Delay Between Contact and Viewing The Ball On The Screen
  • Does Not Track Club Path, Only Ball Performance

Who Is This Best For

SkyTrak’s launch monitors are top-notch and work well for both the recreational and professional golfer. The key factor in determining if it is right for you depends on the amount of accuracy you desire from your launch monitor and what your price range is. If you are wanting a very accurate, decent-priced launch monitor for your game improvement, SkyTrak is the answer.

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