Best Golf Drivers For Women (2020 Guide)

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The market is flooded with high-quality golf clubs. Buying a new driver or any other club for that matter can be a daunting task given all of the different options available to you. Not to worry, we are here to make your search a smooth one.

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Top Pick
Callaway Epic Flash

Budget-Friendly Option
Taylor Made 2018 Kalea Driver

Cobra King Speedzone Extreme

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Best For Beginners
Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

Below we are going to look at some of the best drivers for women including the highly-rated Callaway Epic Flash. In addition, we are also going to discuss a few key factors to consider before making a purchase such as loft, adjustability, shaft flex, and forgiveness.

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Best Drivers For Women

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Callaway Epic Flash | Overall Best Driver For Women

Callaway is a leading brand in the golf industry and their Epic Flash range of clubs and accessories is exactly that, Epic. The Epic Flash women’s driver was the only driver to receive a 20 out of 20 score in the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List.

The Callaway Epic Flash is a clear winner that gives you excellent distance on solid strikes as well we great forgiveness on off-center hits.

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The Epic Flash is packed with features that will promote distance, control and exceptional feel. Flash Face Technology is one of the main features of the Epic Flash, this AI (artificial intelligence) inspired technology delivers unprecedented ball speeds which in return maximizes distance.

Female golfers struggle with hitting long tee shots due to slow clubhead speeds, this driver, however, might just give you that extra 15 yards that you have been looking for.  

Additional features of the Epic Flash driver include the inclusion of jailbreak technology and adjustable perimeter weighting. This technology ensures added distance and control. The Epic Flash is indeed Epic and it is arguably the best driver for women that money can buy.

You can also save a ton of money by CLICKING HERE to check out Callaway’s excellent pre-owned selection.


Best distance out there today
Great forgiveness on off-center hits



Cobra Women’s King Speedzone Extreme | Runner Up

The Cobra Women’s King Speedzone Extreme driver is a very well-designed golf club. The sleek design of this driver caught my eye immediately and I think that this beauty will be a great addition to the bag of any woman. The Ladies King Speedzone Extreme is designed specifically to give women added distance even at slower swing speeds.

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The King Speedzone Extreme is designed to promote distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. I  don’t know about you but I don’t know any female golfer out there that will say no to that.

This driver has a larger clubhead in comparison to previous Cobra women’s driver. This larger shape houses a 17-gram tungsten back weight which ensures a high MOI and unprecedented forgiveness at impact.

This Cobra driver is a worthy runner-up to the Callaway Epic Flash, it does carry a relatively expensive price tag but my initial thoughts are that it will be worth every cent.


Good ball speed even for slower swing speeds
Forgiving design
Adjustable loft/lie angles
Includes Cobra Connect Tech


No movable weight like the Epic Flash

Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Driver | Runner-Up

Cleveland is renowned for their wedge designs, but their other clubs are up to par with the best in the business. The Women’s Launcher HB driver by Cleveland is a great affordable driver that will make a great addition to the bag of any female player.

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This budget-friendly driver was designed with the female player in mind, its design promotes height, distance and most importantly accuracy.

The signature design feature of this driver is its lightweight hosel design. The redistribution of mass on the clubhead helps you with more than just getting the ball airborne, it also ensures exceptional forgiveness at impact. Although a downside is that they opted not to have an adjustable hosel in order to save the weight.

Launcher Cup Face technology is used in the design of the clubface, the use of this technology gives this driver a huge sweet spot, I don’t know about you but I love the sound of that.

A little bit of added height thanks to the lightweight Launcher HB driver might just be the boost that your golf game requires. 


High launch helps slower swings
Costs less than other drivers


Not adjustable

Taylor Made Ladies 2018 Kalea Driver | Budget-Friendly Pick

The Taylor Made Women’s Kalea Driver is a solid Taylor Made driver that is on the affordable end of their options for women. While it is missing some key features of the more expensive models, it is perfect for the casual player who is budget-conscious. The Taylor Made Kalea Driver is a tremendous value as the price drops to make way for the 2020 models.

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The Kalea is a 12-degree loft driver (no other options) and is overall a very light club. This club is aimed at players that don’t need all the latest technology in their driver.

That being said, it is still a great option and contains some of Taylor Made’s game-improvement features. The “speed pocket” technology helps to get the ball launched higher and add to your carry distance while minimizing the negative effects of off-center hits.

You won’t get as much distance and forgiveness as some of the other options above, but its a solid club and a great value at the current low price.


Good distance and forgiveness


Not adjustable
2018 model means fewer custom options available

Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset Driver | Best For Beginners

Golf can be a very intimidating game when you start out, in order to hit the ground running it is very important to start out with a good set of clubs that matches your swing speed, height, etc. The Cobra F-Max has a design that is lightweight, forgiving, and helps prevent that slice…a great combination for women just starting out in the sport.

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The Cobra F-Max Superlite is a great driver for beginners, it is lightweight, forgiving and it has a draw bias. I’m sure many of us can relate to that dreaded slice that veers off to the right, that is a thing of the past with the F-Max Superlite.

The offset design of this driver ensures accuracy and added distance to its draw-biased setup.

This high-quality affordable driver is worth a look and it might just be the club that gives your golf game that boost that it needs to start out with. 


Offset great for beginners
Decent distance and forgiveness


Not adjustable

What Women Should Look for In A Driver?

Shaft flexibility

Swing speed and shaft flexibility go hand in hand. Slower swing speeds require more flexibility and vice versa. If this sounds foreign to you don’t worry, the below table will give you guidance as to which shaft flex you should buy according to your swing speed.

The below table is just a guideline, at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. If possible visit a club-fitter or talk to the head pro at your golf course, they will be able to do a driver fitting for you to ensure that you spend your money wisely and on the correct driver/shaft combination.

Swing Speed (mph) Ball Speed (mph) Shaft Flex
53 – 62 <100 L
63 – 76 100 – 110 A
77 – 92 110 – 139 R
93 – 107 140 – 160 S
108+ 160+ X


Forgiveness for those of you that don’t know refers to the feeling you experience at impact with the golf ball. When you hit the golf ball with a forgiving driver it will almost feel like you are hitting a marshmallow instead of a golf ball regardless of the quality of the strike.


The loft on the majority of drivers ranges between 8 and 10 degrees. Female golfers with slower swing speeds struggle to get height on their tee-shots, the additional loft is a great way to combat this problem. Don’t be afraid to try out a driver with 12 or 13 degrees, it might just solve your issues off the tee.


Pretty much all golf clubs that hit the market nowadays can be adjusted. It is amazing to what extent some clubs can be adjusted, especially drivers.

Don’t fall victim to this, many of us have no clue how to adjust our drivers in order for them to match our ever-evolving golf swings. If you want to change the setting on your adjustable driver I recommend that you seek professional help from a coach or club fitter.

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