Callaway Strata Review

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If you’re a beginner golfer still deciding if the game is right for you, then the Callaway Strata Sets are a great option.

For those of you that have been playing and want to take your game to the next level, you may do better to spend more money on a better, more complete, and more durable set of clubs and should check out our breakdown of the Best Game Improvement Irons.

As a beginner that is just learning the game of golf, having your own set of clubs is just about a necessity to do anything more than hitting a few balls at the driving range. But you don’t need to take out a loan to start playing. That’s what beginner sets like the Callaway Strata are perfect for.

The Callaway Strata line comes in four different versions, the Callaway Strata 12 Piece, Strata Plus 14 Piece, Strata Ultimate 16 Piece, and Strata Tour 16 Piece.

We’ll cover them all in this review. But if you want my opinion on the best Strata Set, I would recommend the Callaway Strata Plus 14-piece set.

It has all the clubs a beginner would need at a very reasonable price.

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Callaway Strata Set Comparison

12 Piece
Plus 14 Piece
Ultimate 16 Piece
Tour 16 Piece
3 Wood3 Wood3 Wood3 Wood
5 Hybrid5 Hybrid4 & 5 Hybrid4 & 5 Hybrid
6-9 Irons6-9 Irons6-9 Irons6-9 Iron
Pitching WedgePW & SWPW & SWPW & SW
Stand BagStand BagStand BagStand Bag
2 Headcovers3 Headcovers4 Headcovers4 Headcovers
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Callaway Strata 12 Piece Review

If you count all that up, you’ll realize that’s twelve pieces, but not twelve clubs. Please keep this in mind when considering purchasing this product. You only get nine clubs, which some may find disappointing if they ordered a 12-piece set with a dozen clubs in mind. 

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The Clubs

The set’s lightweight clubs are easy to use, with irons made out of stainless steel and drivers and woods featuring titanium heads. The woods also sport graphite shafts for lighter weight which leads to faster swing speed and more distance. The 3 Wood boasts an aerodynamic head shape that will send the ball soaring toward the green more easily. The wedges feature sole width technology, which allows for greater control when hitting the ball by preventing the wedges from digging into the ground too much (a common affliction for beginner golfers). The putter sports a helpful mallet shape for more accurate putts.

In short, these clubs are designed to make the ball easy to hit and control at the same time. Callaway advertises this set as being perfect “for maximum performance right out of the box,” and there’s a good chance you’ll get just that if you are a beginner. And at just a couple hundred bucks, the price is certainly right if your only goal is to play a round with your pals.

The set comes nearly complete with almost any club necessary for a day on the course. You get a driver, a 3-Wood, a 5-Hybrid (meant to replace 3-5 irons that some find too difficult to use correctly), 6-9 Irons, a pitching wedge, a putter, the bag, and two headcovers

But you will be disappointed once you realize that there’s no sand wedge anywhere. It’s not easy to escape a pesky sand trap without one, so if you purchase this set, you’ll do well to add an SW as soon as possible OR opt for the Strata Plus set that I’ll talk about shortly.

But the most prevalent issue of them all is the driver head durability. More than a few users have mentioned driver head denting, bending, or outright flying off the handle after just a few strokes. We can’t think of anything more frustrating than a bad day at the links not because of anything you did, but because your clubs fell apart. Your drivers aren’t guaranteed to break, obviously, but be aware it’s a legitimate possibility.

The Bag

The bag itself is aces no matter who you are. It’s both lightweight and durable, not to mention quite fancy-looking. It contains pockets galore — five regular pickets plus a cooler pocket, and its rain hood protects your clubs from any possible weather issues.


Earlier, we mentioned this being a good set for beginners. That’s because these are not perfect clubs by any means. The hybrid iron, while a neat idea, isn’t as good as the 3-5 irons it’s meant to replace. For serious golfers, the only real solution to pain-in-the-rear 3-5 irons may be to practice more and get better at using them.

Also, these clubs have a specific-sized golfer in mind. Callaway advertises them as being ideal for people between 5’6″ and 6’2″. So if you’re taller or shorter than that, you may want to look elsewhere. That said, even some reviewers standing 5’7″ and 6’3″ reported issues handling these clubs. You’re likely okay if you hover around six feet, but anybody else should at least test these clubs out before committing to them.

Younger golfers should be looking at the youth versions of the Strata lineup.

This set comes with a 30-day warranty, which you should keep in mind. Once you get your clubs, test them out son as possible. If something happens, send them back for replacements. Don’t get caught sitting on your purchase, finally trying them out a couple of months later, and experiencing problems that Callaway no longer has any no obligation to fix.


Overall, the Callaway 12-Piece Men’s Strata Set is a fine beginner’s set of clubs. It will get you on the green and suit you fine for the time being. But if you want to advance your game beyond “weekend warrior,” spending more money on a better set is your best bet.

If you are looking for something a small step up from the basic Callaway Strata set, it comes in three upgraded versions as well. Each of them a step up in either the club offerings or the overall quality of the set.

Keep on reading to see what the differences are for each one.

Callaway Strata Plus 14 Piece Set

The Callaway Strata Plus 14 Piece Set is a step above the standard set. Callaway added a Sand Wedge to the Plus Set.

In my opinion, the Strata Plus is the sweet spot of Callaway’s Strata lineup. With the addition of a Sand Wedge, you really have everything you need to learn the game. The reason I don’t recommend the basic Strata set is the lack of a sand wedge.

Most beginners will rarely, if ever, hit the green on their approach shot. That means a LOT of greenside chips and pitches. Without a wedge more lofted than a pitching wedge, this can be difficult to accomplish and also prevents you from learning the basic techniques of pitching and chipping.

In addition to this set including a sand wedge, I also noticed an improvement in the quality of the irons. While I think any of these sets would suit a beginner just fine, the irons in the Plus set were better designed and felt to be a little sturdier.

Callaway’s website says they are perimeter weighted and have a progressive sole width for better control. What this means in plain English is that you can miss hitting the sweet spot on the club and still end up with a decent result. The standard set is also perimeter weighted but I would put the irons in this set a step above the ones in the 12-piece set.

So if you are a beginner or looking to buy a set for someone that is interested in learning the game, the Callaway Strata Plus is where I would suggest starting. Even with the additional club it comes in at a very reasonable price. You can often find a good deal on either Amazon or TGW so just click below to check them out.

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Callaway Strata Ultimate 16 Piece Set

The Callaway Strata Ultimate adds an additional hybrid club (a 4 hybrid) compared to the Plus set. Callaway also throws in a headcover for the hybrid which is why they count it as an additional 2 pieces.

A headcover is nice but it’s kind of silly to count it as an additional piece to the set. I’ve lost plenty of headcovers and it never made a difference in my score!

I don’t really see this set as being worth the additional money for a beginner. The 4 hybrid is a largely irrelevant club for those learning the game.

Sitting between the 5 hybrid and the 3 wood, the 4 hybrid is supposed to cover the yardage between those two clubs. However, these sets are designed for beginners who are unlikely going to have the skill or swing speed to see much of a difference between the 4 hybrid and the 5 hybrid.

So I would say skip the Ultimate set. The 14-piece Plus set is going to give you everything you need at a much lower price.

But if you really want that 4 hybrid in the set, then use the links below to check out the best prices for the Ultimate Set.

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Callaway Strata Tour 16 Piece Set

The Callaway Strata Tour Set has the same makeup as the Ultimate as far as which clubs are included. However, the quality of the clubs included in this set are a step above the Ultimate. The Strata Tour set also gives you the option to choose between regular and stiff flex shafts.

The shaft stiffness options are what makes it worth the extra money, but only for certain players. If you are a beginner, but athletic, strong, and have a higher swing speed, then the Callaway Strata Tour is probably your best option for getting into the game.

A full set of higher quality clubs is going to cost at least a few hundred dollars more and the other Strata sets will most likely fall apart over time with your more aggressive swings.

A good approach is to start with a set like the Strata Tour and then replace various single pieces of the set over time with higher quality clubs. This set tends to vary in price to check out the links below to find a good price.

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Which Callaway Strata Set Should You Get?

The Callaway Strata Plus is going to be the best option for most beginners. It has the best balance of club options, quality, and affordability.

For those of you beginners that are more athletic and can swing the club a little faster than most other beginners, you may want to check out the Callaway Strata Tour. With an option for stiff shafts and a little bit better build quality, that one will be a better option for you.

Are Callaway Strata clubs good?

Callaway Strata clubs are made for beginners. Callaway is a well known and respected brand in the industry and even though these clubs are made for beginners, they are great quality. They are a great, reasonably priced, option for anyone getting started with golf. They offer a complete set, bag included, in one package. More advanced players may want to consider clubs more appropriate for their skill level.

Does the Callaway Strata bag stand on its own?

Yes, the bag included with all four sets is a stand bag which means that when you place it on the ground, two legs pop out so that it will stand on its own anywhere relatively flat. This is very helpful when you are carrying the bag on a golf course and need to get a club out.

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