Best Golf Bags For Push Carts

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Using a push cart is the best of both worlds, great exercise, and less strain and exhaustion and the bags you might want need to be a balance between the ultralight and the heavy cart bags.

Manufacturers don’t really designate bags as “push cart” bags so its more about finding the right balance of features and mobility. I took a look at dozens of bags out there this year, including some new ones.

So this guide on the best golf bags for push cart users is for you…

Top Pick

Sun Mountain Maverick

Lighter than last year’s winner (the Sync) and still has all the features you want, more pockets, and a bigger club area with 14 dividers

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Titleist Cart 15

With great classic looks, full-length dividers, and durable material, the only thing keeping it out of the top spot is that it is 1lb. heavier than the Sun Mountain.

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Budget Pick

Datrek DG Lite II

One of the lightest cart style bags out there and it’s also very light on the wallet as the least expensive bag on this list.

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Best Overall | Sun Mountain Mavrick Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Maverick is lighter than last year’s winner (the Sync) and still has all the features you want, more pockets, and a bigger club area with 14 dividers. This makes it perfect for players that use a push cart.

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Sun Mountain increased the size of the top area where your clubs go. The Maverick is 10″ wide (as compared to the 9.5″ of the Sync). This means that your clubs will be just a little more separated which makes them easier to find and access and less likely to bang against each others.

The 14 club dividers are full length which are helpful for avoid club handles getting tangled together as you walk down the fairway. This is especially helpful for push cart users because the bag is on the cart at an angle as compared to keeping it upright like you would on a riding cart. The Maverick also has a dedicated putter well which is very helpful for the most used club in your bag.

I was impressed that Sun Mountain was actually able to cut some weight compared to the Sync, from 5.9lbs to 5.6lbs. This may not seem like much on paper but it can make a difference after pushing your bag 18 holes even with the best push cart.

It’s also impressive that they were able to cut weight while adding more pockets and making the bag more usable overall. Pockets include a velour-lined valuables pocket, a vented cooler pocket, an apparel pocket and multiple accessory pockets.

Sun Mountain considers this a “full featuredcart bag” while they said that the Sync was “designed specifically for use on push carts.” Despite this, I think the Maverick is actually a much better push cart bag, mainly because of the weight and additional pockets.

Since the bag is designed for carts, all the pockets are in the front and it has a strap pass through so that attaching the bag to a push cart will not block any of the pockets.

NOTE: Another reason I changed from our recommendation of the Sync last year is that the Sync is not available at most major golf retailers. Which may just be a supply issue or it may mean the bag is being discontinued. Either way, the Maverick is a better option and would have been the new top pick anyway.

One downside to this bag is that its not great for carrying if you find yourself on a course that doesn’t allow push carts. That is quite rare but if you do carry your bag on occasion, you may want to check out the Ping Hoofer 14 below. But if you always use a push cart or ride, then this bag is perfect for you.

  • Weight: 5.6lbs
  • Dividers: 14
  • Pockets: 11
  • Straps: Single Strap


A slot for every club and an extra for ball retriever or alignment sticks
6 Color options to choose from


Not really useful as a carry bag if you find yourself with no cart.

Runner-Up | Titleist Cart 15 Cart Bag

The Titleist Cart 15 is actually quite similar to our top pick and with the Titleist name on it, probably wins in the style department. But at about a pound heavier, it’s my runner up pick unless.

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Whether its clubs or bags, Titleist is known for classic styling and a pro look. That is evident in their Cart 15 Bag. Like the Mavrick in the top spot, this bag is designed for cart use but is light and versatile enough to be perfect for a push cart.

This bag has 15 full length club slots. Like I mentioned above, the full length dividers are almost a necessity for a push cart bag. But I can’t quite figure out why 15 slots when you can only carry 14 clubs for a round of golf.

The only two uses I could think of would be for players that have 15 clubs and decide which one to take out of their bag before a round based on the course they are playing OR leaving one slot dedicated for keeping alignment sticks in your bag. I almost always carry at least one alignment stick so maybe this was some forward thinking by Titleist.

Like the Mavrick, all the pockets are in the front which makes accessing them easy when the bag is mounted on your cart. Also, like the Mavrick, its not a great bag for carrying (more so, in fact, because of the added weight).

The Titleist Cart 15 is about the same price as the Mavrick, so really the decision comes down to which style you like better and if the extra pound of weight is an important factor.

  • Weight: 6.5lbs
  • Dividers: 15
  • Pockets: 11
  • Straps: Single Strap


15 club slots
Great classic looks


Heavier than others here

Budget Pick | Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

At only 4.2 lbs the Datrek DG Lite II is one of the lightest cart style bags out there and its also very light on the wallet as the least expensive bag on this list.

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With a 9″ top and a 15 way divider, this bag is comparable to the more expensive options above, though it is a little smaller than both. The dividers are full length though so that’s one are where you don’t have to compromise.

There are some downsides to saving money though. As expected, the build quality and durability of the materials aren’t up to the same level as the other bags on this list. Also, because the bag is designed to be standing up in a golf cart (rather than specifically designed for a push cart), there are these two large plastic pieces on the back that will create a gap when laid down in a push cart. This is not the case on all push carts and it shouldn’t cause the bag to fall off when properly strapped in, but it does make it a little less stable.

That all being said, you would be hard pressed to find a better bag for your push cart at this price point.

  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • Dividers: 14
  • Pockets: 7
  • Straps: Single Strap


Very light


Will wear out sooner compared to others here

Best Lightweight Golf Bag | PING Hoofer 14

If you mostly use a push cart but carry your bag on occasion, then you want to be prepared for both and the Ping Hoofer 14 offers more functionality than their superlight bag the Ping Hoofer Lite but is still easy on the back when you want to carry it.

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But the lightweight design doesn’t mean you have to give up storage space and other amenities.

The difference between this and the Hoofer Lite is the 14 way divider for your clubs. The dividers go all the way to the bottom of the bag like many of the other clubs on this list.

It also has 12 pockets, compared to the 11 in my top pick above. One of those is a handy magnetic pocket that works great for a laser rangefinder to make it more quickly accessible without having to unzip a pocket each time.

The Ping bags are also extremely well made and durable. It is made from 300 denier nylon which will last a long time.

One feature that might make this bag your favorite is that it is designed to stand on its own like other carry bags. The legs extend when you put the bag down. The mechanism is solid and well designed. It also doesn’t really get in the way when you put the bag on a puch cart.

Another approach would be to get a bag specifically for push cart use and grab one of these lightweight bags for walking as a backup.

  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Dividers: 14
  • Pockets: 12
  • Straps: Backpack/Single Strap Convertible


Large pockets evenly spaced around the bag
Lightweight for easy transport and carrying


Less storage space than bigger bags

Best Push Cart Bag for Women | Sun Mountain Sync Women’s Golf Bag

The Sun Mountain Sync Women’s Bag is an excellent choice for women golfers. Although bags don’t really have to be gender specific like clubs or apparel, Sun Mountain does add some unique styling to their Women’s Syn bag and, unlike the mens, its still very much available at retailers.

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This bag is a little heavier than the Mavrick above and little heavier than the Titleist. I think many women players would also be happy with the Mavrick as well. Really, what sets this bag apart from the men’s Sync is the color options.

It has 8 pockets which include a ventilated cooler pocket; a velour-lined rangefinder pocket; and a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket. This covers pretty much all your basic needs.

Sun Mountain says this bag is specifically designed for use with push carts. Of course you can very easily use it on a regular golf cart as well. The size and single strap would make it difficult to carry for 18 holes though.

Like all the Sun Mountain bags, this bag is very durable and well made. It should last quite a long time under normal use.

Overall, the Sync is a solid option, designed specifically for using on a push cart and certainly won’t let you down.

  • Weight: 6.0
  • Dividers: 15
  • Pockets: 8
  • Straps: Single


Made specifically for women
Very durable and well made


No stand to use when you’re not using the push cart

What To Look for When Choosing The Best Golf Bags For Push Carts

Using a push cart means you don’t have to shoulder the full weight of your bag and it makes playing 18 holes a lot easier on your body. But that doesn’t mean you can pick any massive bag that would fit on a cart.

You still have the push the bag around the course. So there’s a happy compromise that makes for the best golf bags for push carts.

Here’s what I looked at in making the picks above.


With a push cart, the weight of a bag does not mater a ton, but you should not have to be dragging it from parking lot to first tee or wherever you load it onto your wheeling assistant.

What you should avoid, however, is having a bag like Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) in Caddyshack that is so heavy, it is unusable for most. Gone are the days where leather bags used to weigh between 25-30 pounds, having been replaced by bags made of lighter materials and weighing between 5-9 pounds.

To make up for the weight difference of bags from the previous generation, throw a few extra balls in your bag for when you get the chance to hit a couple extra putts or chips.

So what? So let’s dance!

Bonus Tip: If you haven’t seen Caddyshack, watch it. If you have, watch it again.


Most clubs (excluding driver and putter) only make a few appearances a round. Your bag on the other hand is present for every shot each time you’re at the golf course and is relied upon to protect your expensive equipment. Even if it seems like a waste of money to spend upwards of $250, doing so ensures that you are getting a quality product that will last summer after summer.

Unfortunately, golf is not a sport where you can really go “cheap” on anything. The main difference between golf bags and clubs is that after 10 years, one will be outdated and should have been replaced years before, and the other if taken proper care of will be in just as good of shape as it was when it was purchased. If you weren’t able to figure this one out, it’s your bag that you’ll be able to use even a decade after purchase.

While things like straps, stands and weight might be slightly improved year to year, when you’re using a pushcart, the only things that really matters is being able to conveniently store all of your stuff and get your clubs in and out without any problems.


Once you’re on the course, golf bag durability is less of a concern than it is during transportation via trunk. In order to protect your clubs, you need to have a bag that shelters clubs from the grip down to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear—your game provides enough of that.

A helpful tip might be to attach your bag’s rain cover when your clubs are not in use so that anything floating around your trunk will not scratch or ding the tools of the trade.

Storage and Club Dividers

This is a pretty straightforward section and relies mostly on personal preference. For most people using push carts, having a separate slot for each club is extremely helpful and will keep you organized. Other people prefer to have less slots on top, but there is no real rule of thumb for how it affects your game.

One thing to look out for is if the dividers are full-length or only separate at the top level. When this is the case, it is more likely your clubs will get tangled and won’t drop all the way to the bottom of your bag.

More dividers mean better-organized clubs and less scratching.

Carry/Stand Golf Bag vs. Golf Cart Bag

Push cart bags are kind of in that middle ground between a cart bag and a stand golf bag.

Stand and carry gold bags are often lighted but with less storage and cart bags are heavier with more storage. There aren’t many options that fall in that middle ground that would be perfect for push carts.

The deciding factor should be how you use the bag.

If you occasionally carry your bag, then having the carry bag will be extremely important. But if you only ever use a push cart or a power golf cart, then having a cart bag can be a good thing as you can keep more stuff in it such as rain gear, extra golf balls, etc.

Common Questions

Do I need a bag specifically for a push cart?

No! Most push carts can easily be adapted to hold any kind of bag outside of Sunday bags, which are too small to be safely harnessed on a push cart. There are, however, plenty of bags made specifically for push carts which will fit best on your choice of push cart.

Do stand bags fit on push carts?

Yes, stand bags fit on push carts. For many people using this combination, it is common to remove the carrying straps and stand so they do not get in the way or interfere with the push carts ability to keep your bag secure.

Is a cart bag or stand bag better?

There is no right answer for this as it is really a matter of personal preference. While we are focused on push carts, it’s common for golfers to switch up how they carry their bag from round-to-round. If you like to occasionally carry, a stand bag will suit you better and if you know there’s no chance of ever walking, take advantage of the extra space in a cart bag.

Do cart bags fit on trolleys/push carts?

Yes, cart bags fit on push carts and trolleys. While most of these bags fit on standard models, it’s possible that the base of your cart bag might be too big for select push carts. In order to avoid any erroneous purchases, we recommend measuring before buying, and if possible, physically testing compatibility.

What Type of Bag Is Best For A Push Cart?

You can use either a carry bag or a cart bag for a pushcart, but if you choose a cart bag, opt for one on the lighter side. Even though you are pushing the cart rather than carrying the bag, extra weight can still add to your fatigue. If you occasionally carry your bag, then having a light carry bag is the way to go.

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