Best Golf Bags For Push Cart Users (2020 Guide)

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    Sun Mountain Sync
    Weight: 6.15 lbs.
    Dividers: 15
    Stand: No

    Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag
    Weight: 5.3 lbs.
    Dividers: 14
    Stand: No

    Cleveland Golf Stand Bag
    Weight: 5.5 lbs.
    Dividers: 14
    Stand: Yes

    Ping Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Bag
    Weight: 5.5 lbs.
    Dividers: 14
    Stand: Yes

    Titleist Hybrid 14
    Weight: 5.6 lbs.
    Dividers: 14
    Stand: Yes

    OGIO XIX Women’s Cart Bag
    Weight: 5.6 lbs.
    Dividers: 14
    Stand: Yes

    No matter what skill level you’re at, everyone needs a solid golf bag. But finding the right bag for how you typically play is just as important.

    If you’re here, then you enjoy walking the course but don’t want the back strain that carrying your bag can cause.

    Using a push cart is the best of both worlds, great exercise, and less strain and exhaustion. So this guide on the best golf bags for push cart users is for you…

    Best Golf Bags For Push Carts (2020 Picks)

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    Best Overall | Sun Mountain Sync

    Sun Mountain thought of everything when designing their Sync bag.

    With 9 pockets, many with specific purposes (cooler, range finder, 2 velour-line valuables pouches) there is a spot for everything you might need during a round.

    Best Golf Bag For Push Carts

    Sun Mountain Sync

    The Sun Mountain Sync has just about everything you might need in a pushcart bag and does that without any unnecessary weight added.

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    Even with its larger size, you’ll have no problem getting this bag from the parking lot to push cart given its 8lb weight. The thoughtful design also aids this process with 2 sturdy handles and a single strap for carrying.

    Your clubs are well protected in this bag with 15 individual club dividers which not only keep your club heads separated, but run the length on the bag to protect the shafts as well.

    A minor downside for push cart users is that the slots are forward-facing, which is optimal for cart use, though any inconvenience is avoided by allowing all of your clubs to face the proper direction before play. 


    A slot for every club and an extra for ball retriever or alignment sticks
    6 Color options to choose from


    Putter slot at the top of the bag could rub against other shafts
    Not really useful as a carry bag if you find yourself with no cart.

    Runner Up | Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

    A brand-new release for 2020, the Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag comes in 7 different color options and contains 14 dividers, one for each club.

    Runner Up

    Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

    A slightly larger bag has lots of pocket space to stay organized with all the accessories you might need.

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    With a myriad of pockets, an often-overlooked component is the two large apparel pouches on this bag. When you have a push cart and do not need to worry about weight, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to bring with you jackets, rain pants, and cold-weather accessories regardless of forecast; thankfully Cobra agrees. 

    A major plus for us here is the umbrella pouch, which is just about entirely enclosed. For most golfers, a huge pet peeve is having tight, small loops to secure your umbrella at both ends, only to have it frequently fall out.

    The only downside to this type of pouch is that you’ll need to allow your umbrella to dry before putting it back in your bag due to lack of ventilation. Your shoes already smell, you don’t want your bag to as well.


    Fleece-lined rangefinder pocket and 2 valuables pockets
    Slanted divider around putter pouch to protect the clubs around it


    Large size makes it potentially too bulky for some
    Limited places to attached towels or gloves to the outside of the bag

    Best Push Cart Bag for The Money | Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

    There are affordable golf bags, and there are expensive bags. Unfortunately, the quality of your golf bag almost always correlates with how much it’s going to cost. Cleveland has bucked the trend with their Stand Bag, producing a high-quality golf bag for a reasonable cost.

    Best Value Golf Bag For A Push Cart

    Cleveland Stand Bag

    The Sun Mountain Sync has just about everything you might need in a push cart bag and does that without any unnecessary weight added.

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    Instead of producing the biggest bag possible, Cleveland engineered a bag with your run of the mill weekend golfer in mind. For someone who only gets out a few times a month, the last thing you want to be doing is spend time in the parking lot looking for your tees, ball markers and divot fixers.

    Getting ahead of their consumers, Cleveland included small slots throughout the bag specifically designed to hold your small accessories.

    While it is on the larger side of carry bags, comfortable backpack style straps are there for you to use should your push cart be out of commission or unavailable for the day.

    With this bag, you’ll be able to reinvest your savings into your game in other ways, including better clubs, shoes and balls.


    Fleece-lined rangefinder pocket and 2 valuables pockets
    Slanted divider around putter pouch to protect the clubs around it


    Large size makes it potentially too bulky for some
    Limited places to attached towels or gloves to the outside of bag

    Best Lightweight Bag | PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

    At less than 6 pounds, the Ping Hoofer combines the luxuries of a cart bag with the weight of a carry bag.

    Best Lightweight Option

    Ping 2018 Hoofer 14

    If you occasionally carry your bag then this lightweight option is the perfect combination for push carts and hoofing it.

    Click below to check availability and prices…

    As a bit of a hybrid, this bag has things like 14 slots to put clubs in, but also has the pocket setup and straps of a standard carry bag. If you plan on using this exclusively as a push cart club, you can easily remove the carrying straps, which are connected to the bag via buckles.

    Unlike a lot of brands whose colorways hardly differ, Ping provides 5 unique color options though most have a base color of Black.

    While it is less important for people using push carts, Ping has integrated its Sensor Cool Technology into the bag meaning that even on the hottest of days, the bag won’t get scorching hot like other dark colored bags tend to.


    Large pockets evenly spaced around the bag
    Lightweight for easy transport and carrying


    14 club slots but only a few dividers which can cause clubs to get stuck
    No towel hook on the outside

    Best Hybrid Bag for Push Carts | Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

    Titleist uses the tagline “Stand bag meets cart bag.” We read that as, “a bag for every type of golfer.” While it is good for carry golfers and cart golfers alike, we think that it’s great for the push cart crowd.

    Best Hybrid Bag For Push Carts

    Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

    Blending the push cart bag and the stand/carry bag together, the Titleist Hybrid 14 is great for the golfer that does a little of both.

    Click below to check availability and prices…

    Even with just 8 pockets, there is a place to put everything you might need due to their large average size.

    When you see the phrase “hybrid” in the name of a product, and a bag that appears larger than carry bags, you expect it to be heavier. In most cases this might be true, but with a Titleist Hybrid bag, it weighs under 6 pounds.

    Your clubs are well protected here thanks to a top cuff that has protective handles and would absorb the bulk of any friction, even in your trunk. With outstanding material quality, this is a bag that you will not need to replace for years.


    Double apparel pockets next to each other, can keep all your clothes together
    Hinged bag bottom ensures that the bag will not fall when freestanding


    Non-traditional 14-way club dividers. Can be seen as a pro or con depending on user preference
    Bottle pouch is horizontal when on a push cart and could fall out

    Best Push Cart Bag for Women | OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Cart Bag

    As a woman golfer, your options are usually limited. If you don’t want a frilly pink golf bag, or any other equipment for that matter, you’re stuck purchasing a men’s product and having to make it work.

    Best Push Cart Bag For Women

    OGIO XIX Women’s Cart Bag

    Specifically designed for women by OGIO, the XIX Women’s Cart Bag is ideal for women who use a push cart on the course.

    Click below to check availability and prices…

    Clearly someone at OGIO talked to some women golfers because their XIX Cart Bag is made with “hergonomics” in mind, meaning their bag is meant to support and fit women better than it is men. Additionally, there are 4 color options, none of which are overly “girly.”

    When you’re walking 18 on a hot day, you don’t always want to stop on the turn to reload on drinks—and you shouldn’t have to. Instead of having a cooler pouch capable of fitting just a single bottle, this OGIO model has pouch that will hold multiple drinks and can be closed with a zipper.

    Another great aspect of this bags pouches is soft-lined valuables pocket with a hidden jewelry compartment so that you can safely secure any items that you might not like to wear while playing. Outside of these select pouches, there are 15 total pockets giving you a place to put everything you need.


    Made specifically for women
    E-trolley compatible base


    Ball pouch is magnetic and can wear out over time
    No stand to use when you’re not using the push cart

    What To Look for When Choosing A Golf Bag For Your Push Cart


    With a push cart, the weight of a bag does not mater a ton, but you should not have to be dragging it from parking lot to first tee or wherever you load it onto your wheeling assistant.

    What you should avoid, however, is having a bag like Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) in Caddyshack that is so heavy, it is unusable for most. Gone are the days where leather bags used to weigh between 25-30 pounds, having been replaced by bags made of lighter materials and weighing between 5-9 pounds.

    To make up for the weight difference of bags from the previous generation, throw a few extra balls in your bag for when you get the chance to hit a couple extra putts or chips.

    So what? So let’s dance!

    Bonus Tip: If you haven’t seen Caddyshack, watch it. If you have, watch it again.


    Most clubs (excluding driver and putter) only make a few appearances a round. Your bag on the other hand is present for every shot each time you’re at the golf course and is relied upon to protect your expensive equipment. Even if it seems like a waste of money to spend upwards of $250, doing so ensures that you are getting a quality product that will last summer after summer.

    Unfortunately, golf is not a sport where you can really go “cheap” on anything. The main difference between golf bags and clubs is that after 10 years, one will be outdated and should have been replaced years before, and the other if taken proper care of will be in just as good of shape as it was when it was purchased. If you weren’t able to figure this one out, it’s your bag that you’ll be able to use even a decade after purchase.

    While things like straps, stands and weight might be slightly improved year to year, when you’re using a push cart, the only things that really matters is being able to conveniently store all of your stuff and getting your clubs in and out without any problems.


    Once you’re on the course, golf bag durability is less of a concern than it is during transportation via trunk. In order to protect your clubs, you need to have a bag that shelters clubs from the grip down to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear—your game provides enough of that.

    A helpful tip might be to attach your bags rain cover when your clubs are not in use so that anything floating around your trunk will not scratch or ding the tools of the trade.

    Storage and Club Dividers

    This is a pretty straightforward section and relies mostly on personal preference. For most people using push carts, having a separate slot for each club is extremely helpful and will keep you organized. Other people prefer to have less slots on top, but there is no real rule of thumb for how it affects your game.

    One thing to look out for is if the dividers are full length or only separate at the top level. When this is the case, it is more likely your clubs will get tangled and won’t drop all the way to the bottom of your bag.

    More dividers mean better-organized clubs and less scratching.

    Common Questions

    Do I need a bag specifically for a push cart?

    No! Most push carts can easily be adapted to hold any kind of bag outside of Sunday bags, which are too small to be safely harnessed on a push cart. There are, however, plenty of bags made specifically for push carts which will fit best on your choice of push cart.

    Do stand bags fit on push carts?

    Yes, stand bags fit on push carts. For many people using this combination, it is common to remove the carrying straps and stand so they do not get in the way or interfere with the push carts ability to keep your bag secure.

    Is a cart bag or stand bag better?

    There is no right answer for this as it is really a matter of personal preference. While we are focused on push carts, it’s common for golfers to switch up how they carry their bag from round-to-round. If you like to occasionally carry, a stand bag will suit you better and if you know there’s no chance of ever walking, take advantage of the extra space in a cart bag.

    Do cart bags fit on trolleys/push carts?

    Yes, cart bags fit on push carts and trolleys. While most of these bags fit on standard models, it’s possible that the base of your cart bag might be too big for select push carts. In order to avoid any erroneous purchases, we recommend measuring before buying, and if possible, physically testing compatibility.

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