Golf Ball Selector Quiz

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The Golf Ball Selector Tool here will help you choose the right ball for your game…

Choosing a golf ball among the dozens of options out there can be difficult. So Under Par Goals has created this simple selector tool to help you narrow your options down to some of our top recommended golf balls that fit your profile.

How To Choose The Right Golf Ball

Choosing a golf ball that fits your game can be tricky. The quiz above will help you narrow it down. But here are some of the things we looked at.


Matching the ball to your driver’s swing speed is essential to get the maximum performance out of it.

A ball that is too hard will not compress properly and give you very little rebound effect off the club. This will cost you distance.

A ball that is too soft will compress too much, deforming the ball during impact and causing a loss in ball speed and distance as well.

Cover Material

You have to choose between a softer cover (which generally costs more) and a harder cover (which is more affordable.

The hardness of the cover will determine the amount of spin on short game shots. Softer cover means you can spin the ball more at slower swing speeds while a harder cover will give you less spin and cause the ball to roll out more on the green.

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