Best Golf Bags For Cart Riders

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Best Golf Bag For Cart Riders

Sun Mountain C130

From a company that is known for its superb golf bags, the top pick here is the Sun Mountain C130 because of its durability and overall functionality

Your golf bag should reflect the way you typically play the game.

So this guide is for all of you that prefer to get around the course on four wheels (maybe with a cooler in the back).

The best bags for cart use are typically a little larger, have more storage, and are designed to hold everything you need for 18 holes (or maybe 36).

So to see all of our top picks and why they made the list, keep reading…

If you prefer to walk, check out our articles on the Best Carry Golf Bag and Best Golf Bags For Push Cart Users.

Best Golf Golf Bags For Cart Riders (2020 List)

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Sun Mountain C130
14 Dividers
10 Pockets
Callaway ORG 14
14 Dividers
11 Pockets
Datrek DG Light II
15 Dividers
7 Pockets
PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way
14 Dividers
7 Pockets
Callaway Chev Org
14 Dividers
10 Pockets

Sun Mountain C130 (Best Overall)

A lot of top golf bags come from the major brands—Titleist, Ping, Callaway; if you know golf bags, you know that Sun Mountain makes golf bags on par with any company out there.

Best Overall

Sun Mountain C130

From a company that is known for its superb golf bags, the top pick here is the Sun Mountain C130 because of its durability and overall functionality

Since they exclusively produce golf bags and apparel (not clubs), Sun Mountain has been able to funnel all of the efforts into creating high-quality golf bags in every style, an effort which the C-130 represents. With nine different color options, including two camo and one USA flag themed, there is a color choice that will make everyone happy.

Cart bags have become increasingly “smarter.” On the C-130, there are three handles at the top of the bag used for carrying and protection from the cart. These handles have all been flipped from where they would be on a carry bag, making it specifically tailored for cart use.

For the spacing of your clubs, there are 14 full-length dividers. Being full-length means that the clubs will not get stuck on one another in your bag and you’ll be able to get them in and out with ease.

When you have a bag on the cart, it can very easily twist and turn, making it more difficult to keep track of your clubs. Thanks to Sun Mountains Smart Strap System, there are two additional Velcro straps which prevent this fairly regular and aggravating occurrence.

Talking storage, there are ten total pockets, highlighted by a large cooler pocket. Additionally, you’ll have pouches specifically for a range finder, apparel, and your valuables.

If the various features weren’t enough to prove that this is a pure cart bag, having every single pocket forward-facing so that they can be accessed while on the cart is one of those things that just make life easy.

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Callaway ORG 14 (Runner Up)

Every year Callaway puts out a bag that is better than the previous years. I have nothing to back this up, but it seems that Callaway talks to their consumers and incorporates their feedback for things like larger pouches and tweaked divider setups.

Runner Up

Callaway ORG 14

Callaway took its penchant for using the latest technology and put it to use in designing the ORG 14 cart bag.

Callaway as a brand is tech-forward; from their clubs to equipment, the latest technology is always incorporated. To keep your putter safe, there is a separate holder with a TPE insert to keep the shaft safe.

For those of you that also have no idea what TPE insert is made of, here’s what Wikipedia has to say: “Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties.” That boils down to, Callaway made a blend of plastic and rubber that’s going to keep your putter safe.

The rest of your clubs will be spaced out by way of a 14-divider setup which extends from top to bottom of the bag. Thanks to a non-stadium top, your wedges will sit flush and prevent club hang.

While it is not much of a concern for cart bags users, the ORG 14 weighs in at six pounds, saving a little weight so you can load up your 11 pockets with extra supplies.

Your golf bag is filled with plenty of expensive things, but your rangefinder is almost certainly close to the top of your expense list. Since rangefinders don’t follow the same replacement schedule as drivers, you’re going to want to keep yours for the long haul. In order to do this, it must be well protected at all times, something that is not a challenge thanks to a reinforced and molded pocket.

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Datrek DG Light II (Best Cart Bag for The Money)

A lot of times in the world of golf you’re paying a premium for brand recognition. Some lesser-known brands, however, produce high-quality products that you’ll be able to snag for a lower price than the Titleist bags of the golf world. Datrek is one of those brands and has been putting out top-notch gear since the 80s.

Best Value

Datrek DG Light II

Datrek gives you a lot of bag for your buck with the DG Light II. It’s worth looking past the big brand names to give this one a try.

In the last 10 years or so, there has been a rise in the use of oversized putter grips and a matching rise in the difficulty of getting these putters into bags. Thankfully, brands are starting to take notice and accommodate these putters.

The separate well for your putter is significantly wider than most pouches meaning you’ll be able to fit any size putter grip in it. In total, the top is split 15 ways with full-length dividers making it one of the best bags on the market for getting your clubs in and out.

On the DG Light II, there are only seven pouches. For what the bags lack in number, it makes up for in size, placement, and purpose. Among those seven are two large apparel pockets, a ball pocket with plenty of size and a fleece-lined valuables pocket to keep your keys and wallet safe and dry. Arguably the most important is the oversized cooler pocket for safe transit of your liquid swing-aid.

Datrek falls under the umbrella of Dynamic Brands, which also includes BagBoy, one of the industry leaders in pushcarts. Thanks to this partnership, DG Lite II has Top-Lok technology that is comprised of an attachment system so that no straps are needed to keep your bag secure. For color options, you’ll have the choice of nine different options.

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PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way (Budget Option)

Buying a golf bag can get costly. Besides the actual bag, you’re going to be outfitting it with towels, smaller pouches and actual golf supplies such as tees, gloves, and balls.

Budget Option

ProSiMMON Tour 14

Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean low quality. You’ll give up some of the higher-end features of the other options on this list but the PROSiMMON Tour 14 gets the job done.

Rather than advising you to allocate a majority of your money to the bag itself, we think it’s worthwhile to check out this PROSiMMON cart bag, which runs below $100. Compared to other bags on the market, this bag costs as little as a third of the bags you’ll see at Dick’s, Golf Galaxy and other major retailers.

Despite having 14 dividers, they are not all full length. Instead, there are three full-length dividers that separate the bag into four sections. While it may lead to some tangling of the clubs, the four dividers do just enough for you to get your clubs in and out without any major trouble.

On the outside of the main bag are two holders. The first is a standard place for your umbrella—nothing special about it. The second is an external putter tube, designed so that your putter will never come in contact with the rest of your clubs and is ideal for those using 2-ball or oversized putters. Considering the drastically different length of putters vs other clubs, this is a welcome feature.

Given the minuscule price PROSiMMON product, you would expect there to be less storage. Luckily for bargain hunters everywhere, this is not the case. There are seven total pockets, most of which are rather large. The exception to this is the drink pocket, which is designed to only hold a single water bottle. Besides drinks, there is a spot for everything.

The most valuable pockets are two full-length pockets, one on each side, where you could store everything golf-related. If you really feel the need for additional drink storage, a small cooler bag should fit in there no problem.

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Callaway Chev Org Golf Bag (Best Cart Bag for Women)

With the growing number of women in golf, it makes sense that Callaway has started designing bags that are more appealing than in previous years.

Best Cart Bag For Women

Sun Mountain C130

Callaway does a great job of taking into account the features that women golfers want without the fancy design pandering of the past.

With the Chev Org bag, there are six total exterior design choices that feature bold colors and graphics. Yes, Callaway has the typical pink bag, but as all women know, not everyone wants that stereotypical setup. To account for this, they have designed bags with more color than their other models, ensuring that all women golfers will be able to find a look they like.

The weather is not perfect, we all know this. For some reason, it has taken golf brands years to acknowledge this. To the delight of golfers everywhere, Callaway has started to incorporate completely waterproof features, namely a velour-lined valuables pocket. With this addition, you’ll never have to worry about putting your phone in rice after the round or your keys and wallet taking on any water damage.

One unique feature of the pockets on this bag is that they “filet” open so that instead of having to reach into the great unknown, you can pull the exterior piece back and see what you are actually looking for.

Getting clubs in and out is a breeze thanks to 14 dividers on the top. Accounting for clubs of different sizes, Callaway has adopted a non-stadium top that ensures your wedges will be able to sit flush. Additionally, there are specific spots on the outside of the bag for you to easily attach your glove and a pen for scoring or ball marking.

A more customizable aspect is that the shoulder strap can be removed so that if it tends to get in the way on the cart, you can just get rid of it. You’re probably asking yourself how you can carry it without the shoulder strap, but Callaway is a step ahead of you by including a pair of ergonomic handles where your club heads sit.

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What to Look for When Choosing A Cart Bag


When you put your bag on a golf cart, you might have a few aspirations for your round, however, the only expectation you should have is that your bag remains secure on the cart throughout the round. Everyone has seen it happen, but nobody wants it to be their bag that falls off when the cart goes over a bump. To prevent this, every cart bag will have a place to loop the cart strap through, which will hold your bag in place.

Some people are hoarders in their everyday life, others hoard on the golf course. In case no one has ever said it to your face—you do not need to pick up every golf ball you find. It’s easier said than done, especially with the ample plus-sized pockets on cart bags giving some an excuse for this type of behavior.

Besides plenty of room for balls, you will essentially have a locker on the go. Most pockets have a designated purpose, such as a built-in place for range finders and multiple places to secure your valuables and any extra layers you might need.

Now here’s why the common man golfer will want a cart bag. Some will have a larger cooler pouch than a traditional stand bag, meaning you can carry upwards of a six-pack compared to just a single water bottle. This will help you cut down on trips to the 19th hole and high priced on-course beverages. Golfer beware though as most courses have policies that prohibit bringing in outside beverages.


Cart bags are usually made out of the same materials that carry bags are. The only exception tends to be Staff bags, which although they look like cart bags, are a bit larger and designed for professional players.

Since the bag will be on a cart while you play, it will take less of a beating than a carried bag. One of the biggest positive to cart bags not having stands is quite literally that they don’t have a stand, a feature which is usually first to wear out on carry bags and signal that a new bag needs to be purchased.

Another way that cart bags increase their life span is that they face less exposure to weather such as rain. Whenever bad weather starts to come about while golfing, you can protect your clubs using the cover built-on to the cart, rather than having to fuss over a bag rain cover.


Here’s the thing about weight with a bag you’re not actually carrying—it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that cart bags are not made of leather as they were years ago, which cut the total weight dramatically.

The only time you’ll be carrying your bag is from the car to pro shop and back again following your round, so as long as you can pull that off, load the bag with as many balls and everything else as you want.

If you play at the type of course where a bag attendant will meet you at your car and transport your bag to the cart, be mindful of its weight. I don’t mean this in the sense of taking some stuff out, but if there’s a 17-year old kid carrying your clubs, make sure the tip is appropriate for what you’re putting them through.

Club Dividers

Over the years, cart bags have added more and more club dividers, so many that now each club has a spot to itself.

Having 14 or 15 dividers will take a bit of getting used to for those accustomed to about a third of that number, but the increased dividers will limit friction between clubs, protecting them from hitting each other as frequently while bouncing around the cart.

The club most used every round, your putter, will likely have a different designated spot than your other clubs due to its unique size and shape. Since putters are shorter, its slot will be the shortest spot on the bag, or on the side so that your putter head will not be slamming into the shafts and hosels of your other clubs.

One unique feature that some newer cart bags have is a rubber protective layer at the top of the bag, designed to further limit the movement of your putter.

Common Questions About Cart Bags

Is a cart bag or a stand bag better?

The answer to this question comes down to whether you walk or ride. You should make your bag choice based on your preferred style of play. For those who take a cart every time they play, the extra storage, sturdiness, and dividers put cart bags a clear level above stand bags.

How many dividers should a golf bag have?

Most cart bag users will prefer 14 or 15 dividers. This makes life easier because with your bag on the cart, it will keep everything in place so that you can easily find what you’re looking for without wasting too much time. If there were only a few dividers, as most carry bags have, would lead to your clubs getting mixed around—and in a worst-case scenario, hitting the wrong club. Another plus is that you’ll be able to immediately identify if you’ve left a club behind somewhere since the open divider will be right in front of you.

Do golf cart bags have straps?

Cart bags will have a single carrying strap. While most golf bags have two straps so you can carry backpack style, cart bags are too big to be carried this way. By having just the one strap, you can easily get your bag from car to cart without too much of an inconvenience.

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