Sun Mountain Sync vs. C-130

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A golf bag is a lifestyle choice. Whether you’re a walker, a rider, or keep your bag on two wheels to get around the course, it needs to be designed for the way you play.

Sun Mountain is one of the biggest names in golf bags.

Two of their marquee products; the C-130 and the Sync are hot choices in the golf streets and have a lot of similarities. But their differences are what we will highlight here so you can make the right choice between the two.


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Top Diameter10.5”9.5”
Weight 6.6lbs6.15lbs
Pockets 139
(H x W x D)
35.5” x 10.5” x 4”36” x 9.5” x 14”
Umbrella HolderYesYes

Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag

One glance at the C-130 and you will notice it is a durable and highly functional golf bag with strong and strategically placed handles and large accessible pockets.

It is a good golf bag for push carts and was good enough to be our top pick for the Best Golf Bags For Cart Riders.

But the evergreen sleek design that is a staple of Sun Mountain golf bags is also apparent.

With a massive selection of colorways, you have ample optionality for showcasing your golf bag in a subtle or more loud and boisterous way. Most online retailers show about 12 different options for color choices for the 2020 version of this bag.

Designed to be strictly used as a cart bag, the C-130 has good size to it to help you prioritize storage and accessibility over portability and versatility.

The bag has 13 pockets that you can easily access when it is strapped into the golf cart. Believe it or not, this is not always the case with cart bags, so this is good to see with one of the more affordable cart bags on the market.

Sun Mountain C-130

Designed for cart riders, the Sun Mountain C-130 is a durable, well-designed golf bag that sports ample storage space.


The top diameter of the bag is a large 10.5” and has separate compartments for each of your golf clubs for effortless organization. The top of the bag is also angled away from the golf cart-facing side for easy access to all of your clubs.

The C-130 also features a Smart Strap System that uses two velcro straps back of the bag to attach to your cart, it reduces any twisting and over-tightening and keeps the putter well of your bag from being blocked by the cart strap.

The C-130 and Sync both have these straps to keep your bag secure on a golf cart.

If you prefer using a cart to walking or using a pushcart, this bag is an excellent choice.

The multicolored design, the large amounts of storage and the ease of access make it almost a no-brainer for those who don’t plan on walking at all.


Sun Mountain bags are notorious for their durability. This is a quality bag that should last you a long time no matter how often you play.

The three utility handles on the top of the bag make it easy to avoid any unnecessary damage to the bag, whether it’s moving it from car to the golf cart or leaving it in the hands of your home club’s staff in the bag room. The handles allow you to easily maneuver your bag and clubs in a way that avoids any kind of unwanted damage.

Three of the pockets on the C-130 are velour-lined with one of them being water-resistant for safekeeping your valuables during your round. Two full-length side pockets keep you prepared for any weather changes with plenty of room for layers, rain gear, etc. and the bag comes with a rain hood to keep your bag and clubs dry during a washout.

And best of all, there is a cooler pocket to keep you hydrated or ready to toast a birdie at any time!


Not the cheapest while not the most pricey option either. The C-130 is listed at $249.99 on the Sun Mountain website. But if you’re looking for a bag that will last you upwards of a decade, this is well worth the investment.

Who should get the C-130

Strictly cart riders. If you enjoy walking the course, taking a caddie or using a pushcart, there are better options out there for you. You’ll want a bag with features that are more tailored to being carried or strapped to a pushcart if that’s the case.

The Sun Mountain Sync, which we will cover next, provides a bit of a hybrid option for cart riders and pushcart users.

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Sun Mountain Sync Golf Bag

Almost immediately, you should be able to recognize the key difference between the Sun Mountain Sync and the C-130. It lies in the overall purpose of the bag. While the C-130 is tailored to cart riders, the Sync provides more optionality as it is compatible with both golf carts and pushcarts.

Sun Mountain Sync

Considered a “hybrid” bag, the Sun Mountain Sync is a great option for players who switch between a pushcart and riding golf cart.

The Sync has slightly fewer options when it comes to colorways but still has a few options available, including a “Team USA” style for all of you patriotic golfers out there.

The Sync is slightly smaller than the C-130. While the C-130 weighs around 6.6lbs, the Sync is 6.15lbs and has a smaller top diameter as well at 9.5”. Having 4 fewer pockets than the C-130 shouldn’t prove to be too much of an issue for the Sync, as it still has plenty of room for storage.

The overall diameter of the bag is the same, so your clubs have plenty of room, especially with 15 club dividers.

Overall the bag looks and feels less bulky and therefore easier to carry around and toss on a pushcart. In fact, the Sync topped our list of the Best Golf Bags For Push Cart Users.


A nice feature that you’ll find on the Sync is the pocket specifically for your rangefinder. Gone are the days of asking yourself whether you left it in the small pocket, the large pocket or God forbid, left it in your trunk!

The cooler pocket on the Sync will keep a couple of drinks cold during your round and once again, the pockets are easily accessible when the bag is stationed to either a cart and a pushcart.

The two utility handles on the top of the bag make it incredibly easy to get this bag from your car and onto the cart. It’s surprisingly refreshing to not fumble around for the handle and try to orientate the bag in a way that keeps your clubs from hitting against the sides of your trunk.


Just as I mentioned with the C-130, Sun Mountain bags are a high-quality product. You don’t need to worry about this bag falling apart on you after a couple of golf seasons. Using it as a pushcart bag may put a little more wear and tear on it as opposed to using it strictly as a cart bag, but that goes for any bag.

The Sync has two water-resistant, velour-lined pockets for safekeeping of your valuables and the 15 individual pockets will keep your clubs from making contact with one another and causing any unnecessary wear and tear to them. This bag is built to last and you shouldn’t have any issues in terms of durability with this option.


The Sync’s MSRP is around $229.99 on the Sun Mountain website. Considering the durability and versatility of this bag, this is a very reasonable price for those looking for a pushcart or riding cart bag for this upcoming season.

Who should get the Sync

Golfers who don’t limit themselves to just one way of getting around the course but also never carry their bag either. If you either ride or use a pushcart, this is the best option for you. For those who only ride, you can save a little money going with the Sync over the C-130, but you do sacrifice some of the features that make the C-130 an extremely convenient cart bag. For starters, you don’t have the reverse orientation to easily access your clubs and you will also lose a little bit of storage room.

But the Sync is easier to get around with considering its smaller size and it still shares many of the great features that are included in the C-130. If you’re ever going to consider taking a pushcart out on the course, then go with the Sync.

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If you’re strictly a walking golfer, consider some other options altogether. Smaller size and weight will be of bigger concern to you in that case.

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