Best Golf Launch Monitors

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The price ranges of launch monitors vary significantly. How can you determine which is the best fit for you? Let us help by diving into the detail of the prominent options on the market. We will focus on the consumer options first, therefore our Trackman review is located towards the bottom.

Important FeaturesCompare Prices
Top Pick
Excellent accuracy
Can play popular courses

Best Under $500
Swing Caddie SC300
Can fit in your golf bag
Good accuracy
Easy setup

Best Under $200
PRGR Launch Monitor
Less expensive
Good accuracy
Temporarily Sold Out Online
Best For Capturing Swing Video
Rapsodo MLM
Good accuracy
Records swing video
Requires cell phone attached

More Swing Data
Flightscope Mevo
Good accuracy
Lots of data points

Pro Swing Analysis
Best accuracy on the market
Very expensive
Trackman Website

Our Top Pick | SkyTrak

Before the SkyTrak, the golf launch monitor was mainly for professional golfers and wealthy individuals that could afford the high-costs. SkyTrak completely changed the market by developing an extremely accurate and affordable monitor for a base price of $2,000.  

Top Pick


At a reasonable price point combined with impressive accuracy and swing feedback, the SkyTrack is the sweet spot of performance and affordability that will be perfect for most golfers that want to know their launch stats and improve their game.

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SkyTrak is rated as one of the highest-accuracy launch monitors on the market. The launch monitor uses high-speed optical sensors to maintain a variation of accuracy generally only one to two feet from actual driving range shots. The photometric technology in their optical sensors is what reads the actual golf shot.


The Skytrak is very easy to use and is extremely portable. SkyTrak’s Lithium-Polymer battery is ready to use for 5+ hours after charge. After downloading the SkyTrak app, you can use the launch monitor’s USB port to connect to your device and establish a Wifi connection for wireless play.

Register your SkyTrack and you can get started. When you place the ball in front of the launch monitor three LED lights on the monitor will tell you if the ball is ready to hit.

Three green LED lights means it is ready to hit. If you see any of the yellow or red lights, then one of three indicator lights tell you what is not synced properly between Wifi, Ready and Power to determine your troubleshooting.  

Who Is This Best For

SkyTrak’s launch monitors are top-notch and work well for both the recreational and professional golfer.

The key factor in determining if it is right for you depends on the amount of accuracy you desire from your launch monitor and what your price range is. If you are wanting a very accurate, decent-priced launch monitor for your game improvement, SkyTrak is the answer.

  • Within 1-2 feet accuracy of driving range shots
  • Portable
  • Affordable for the recreational golfer
  • Wireless
  • Does not track club path
  • Slight delay from ball impact to flight projection on the screen

Best Launch Monitor Under $500 | Swing Caddie SC300

The Swing Caddie SC300 is probably the most portable launch monitor on the market. The launch monitor has a very solid price point coming in around $500.

The screen is a bit smaller on the actual launch monitor, but this makes it small enough for easy transport and set up at a driving range. Let’s dive into why the price point is lower than the SkyTrak and what you can expect.

Swing Caddie SC300

The Swing Caddie SC300 is an upgrade to the SC200 and packs a lot of tech into a very portable package.

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Accuracy for the Swing Caddie SC300 states there is a 3% error margin on ball speed, 3-yard error margin in Target Mode and then a 5% error margin on Carry Distance in Practice Mode.

The SC300 uses Doppler Radar to measure apex, launch angle, carry distance, ball speed and swing speed. In comparison to the SkyTrak, the accuracy 


The Swing Caddie SC300 does have some cool features. The measures of the launch monitor include data that is calculated right on the screen of the monitor, they can display on the Swing Caddie mobile app or via voice projection from the monitor.

Measures include, carry/total distance. smash factor, launch angle, swing speed, apex (max height) and ball speed. The full measuring range of the launch monitor is reported as 15-370 yds.  

Who Is This Best For

The Swing Caddie SC300 is best for an individual that is simply looking for a convenient way to get data about their golf swing and is not worried about the data being exactly precise.

The SC300 is a great way to dip your toes into the launch monitor market to determine if you need more accuracy like the SkyTrak gives you. If you are wanting an easy to use device with minimal to no setup, then SC300 is the answer.  

  • Extremely portable
  • Instant data display on the monitor after shot
  • Voice announcement of data
  • Data accuracy can vary
  • Expensive, but still much less than a top-notch simulator

Best Launch Monitor Under $200 | PRGR Launch Monitor

The PRGR launch monitor is one of the newest personal launch monitors to enter the market below the $500 price point. Similar to the SC300, the PRGR is very portable. The PRGR was originally on the market in Japan under a different brand name but has been repurposed for budget buyers in the United States as PRGR.  

PRGR Launch Monitor

The least expensive entry on this list, the PRGR has pretty good accuracy for the price and is definitely the best value in launch monitors right now.

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The PRGR launch monitor compared against the accuracy of the SkyTrak shows that the price differential between the two does not necessarily mean that the accuracy is way off.

Testing has shown that the PRGR on shorter irons like the PW presents nearly an exact carry distance match. However, ball speed and swing speed are off by about 3-5% respectively.

Mid-irons around the 6i showed the best accuracy results in comparison to the SkyTrak. Carry distance was off by about 1%, with ball and swing speed being about 0.25-0.5% off. The driver showed the biggest disparity in carry distance with the PRGR coming in about 3% off.

Swing and ball speeds for the driver are between 1.5-2.5% off respectively. Overall budget launch monitors tend to perform better with short clubs such as the wedge.

Surprisingly the PRGR was most accurate with the mid-irons and came up a little short on the long-distance driver carry yardage.   


A cool feature that the PRGR does have is it displays its most accurate data when being used outside. The monitor uses radar technology to track the ball and at the driving range, the monitor has the room it needs to track the full execution of the ball flight.

Also, the PRGR lets you customize the loft for each club. While the monitor does recommend you select the club you are going to hit with the monitor, this is a cool feature that lets you customize the loft.

Who Is This Best For

The PRGR is best for the budget golfer that wants a reliable and portable monitor. If you are wanting to use your monitor indoors, be sure to note that the PRGR performs better outdoors at the range.

  • Small and portable
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Works in meters per second and miles per hour
  • Stand-alone functionality
  • Low price
  • Not rechargeable, needs battery replacement (9V battery)
  • Auto shuts off after 10 minutes which saves battery but does not save the previous session
  • Accuracy is not perfect

For Capturing Swing Video | Rapsodo MLM

The MLM launch monitor is an interesting technology development produced by Rapsodo. Rapsodo is also the company that developed the software that is used within the SkyTrak launch monitor.

Rapsodo MLM

Another entry in the category of affordable launch monitors that are getting better and better, the Rapsodo MLM adds a useful video feature for those of you that like to match the stats with your swing video.

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The accuracy technology that is built into the Rapsodo MLM is a combination of radar technology and the camera on your cell phone to measure the results of your ball flight. Similar to the PRGR, the MLM uses radar technology and therefore performs best outdoors at the range. Testing data has shown that the MLM stacks up against the very best when it comes to mid-iron shots. In regards to longer irons, the data seems to show a lack of full carry distance. However, with the driver, the results showed a very accurate result. Overall, the accuracy of the Rapsodo MLM stacks up with the commercial top-notch launch monitors like SkyTrak. While it is not perfect, it certainly provides a replicable experience for a fraction of the cost. 


One of the best features of the Rapsodo MLM is the mobile app. Some in the market have stated that the mobile app is actually best in class for all launch monitors. The app allows you to show a GPS location of where you are hitting balls and you can tell it which direction you will be hitting balls. This is nice because the Rapsodo will actually show the landing results of your shots on the GPS screen. Since each shot is recorded with your camera on your phone as well, you can always have instantaneous swing feedback to review with your shot result data. Another cool feature is after you are done with your monitor session, you can go into the app and review your data. This allows you to review your driver distances for example if you are looking to increase length. 

Who Is This Best For

Overall the Rapsodo MLM is a solid launch monitor with a great app to go along with it. While the phone is needed to record shots, it does provide the benefit of recording your actual swings. The MLM is for someone that wants about as close as you can get to the SkyTrak monitor without having to pay the price tag of it.

  • Amazing app with tons of features
  • Keeps data from previous sessions stored
  • Shot tracer technology
  • Can see where your ball lands
  • Only works outdoors
  • The app is only compatible with iOS currently
  • Faster swing speeds are harder for accurate data

For More Swing Data | Flightscope Mevo

The Flightscope Mevo is another launch monitor competitor in the $500 and under category. When originally released, it was designed as an entry-level launch monitor for those new to the market. Similar to the Rapsodo MLM, the Mevo also records session data and records video of each swing you take for review. Let’s dive into what separates the Mevo from the other monitors in the $500 and under category.

Flightscope Mevo

Similar to the accuracy of some of the other devices on this list, the Mevo gives you a lot of information you can use when working on your swing.

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The tests conducted for the Mevo indoors showed that it can match up relatively well with SkyTrak in terms of carry distance. Every club besides the driver was off by under 3% on average.

The driver was off by an average of 5%. Ball speed for every club was 3.5% off or under. Indoor tests did show that Mevo inflated spin rates. Outdoor tests showed that with more room to pick up data on the ball flight, the Mevo stayed about the same as the indoor accuracy shots.

The Mevo does tend to use stickers for better ball tracking, which can be annoying to place the ball on the sticker each time.


Features of the Mevo include picking up data on the following – clubhead speed, flight time, smash factor, spin rate, vertical launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, apex height, and carry distance.

The Mevo app also allows you to record session data from your previous practice sessions. The app will allow you to record visual video swings as well.  

Who Is This Best For

The Mevo is for the golfer looking to dip their toes into the launch monitor market without having to buy an expensive commercial monitor to start. The data is not always purely accurate, but if you can set your expectations at the start with the Mevo, you should enjoy the product.

  • Easy to use
  • Comparable to other $500 and under grade launch monitors
  • Solid price
  • Spin accuracy is lacking
  • Bluetooth can be frustrating sometimes

For more details on accuracy and features check out our detailed flightscope mevo review.

Pro Swing Analysis | Trackman

The Trackman is the ultimate launch monitor for the PGA Tour and golfers that want the best technology in a launch monitor, regardless of price. The Trackman is portable and has a case that makes it similar to transporting a laptop. For this reason, you can take the Trackman virtually anywhere to practice your game. Let’s dig into the excellence of the Trackman.


If you want pro-level swing and shot data from a device that is accurate enough to be the favorite of PGA tour pros and PGA instructors AND have a big time budget, then check out the Trackman.

CLICK HERE to visit Trackman website


The Trackman uses Dual Radar Technology to track everything in your shot sequence. One of the radars tracks your club before, during and after impact. The other radar tracks the full ball flight of your shot. When compared against the SkyTrak, the Trackman is voted as more accurate every time. Dubbed “the best of the best” because of the Trackman’s use on the PGA Tour, you really can’t get much more accurate than the Trackman.  


Trackman has tons of features, including an event, called the “Trackman Open” which is a tournament for golfers with a winning prize of $80,000. The Trackman also comes with tons of real courses that you can play, which makes the launch monitor a full golf simulator. A feature that Trackman has that not many of the $500 and under category have is putting analysis. The Trackman is actually able to analyze launch direction, speed, putting tempo and more from your putting stroke. The Trackman also has 6 video angles to view your swing recordings from.

Who Is This Best For

The Trackman is best for a PGA Tour player, someone that has the cash to purchase the best launch monitor on the market or a business owner that works with a golf simulator or lessons.  

  • The data collected allows you to make any swing adjustments needed with full accuracy
  • 6 swing recording angles allows you to capture any view of your swing
  • Simulator courses available for play
  • Price is expensive
  • Target consumers are PGA players, coaches or businesses

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Launch Monitor

When considering purchasing a launch monitor there are several areas of the technology you should look for. Consider the accuracy of the tested launch monitor results against those of the other models in the price range you are looking for. Generally, there is a high-end commercial market, an under $500 market and a budget category around $200 or under. The accuracy can range across the various categories.

Another area to consider is how portable is the launch monitor? Do you need a smaller monitor you can transport with ease to the range, or are you planning on using it at home with a simulator setup? The ability to transport different launch monitors varies across models as well.

From there, you can dive into the features of each launch monitor. If you want it to record your swings via video, or if you are wanting a mobile app to record historical data, those are both options to consider when selecting a launch monitor. 

You’ll also want to check if the launch monitor can play actual rounds of golf, making it a golf simulator. If you want to have more of a golf simulator, be sure that your monitor can integrate with golf courses.

Overall, check price, accuracy, simulator-ability, ease of transport and extra features when selecting a launch monitor for yourself.

Common Launch Monitor Questions

What Launch Monitor do the pros use?

The pros on the PGA Tour prefer to use the Trackman. The reliability and built-out features of the Trackman make it the choice of tour pros.

Why are golf launch monitors so expensive?

The golf launch monitors are expensive because of the technology that is packed into a small piece of equipment. The monitor is expected to perform at an extremely high level of data communication and therefore the processing technology needs to work properly without a large box to put all of the tech in.

Are golf launch monitors worth it?

Golf launch monitors are worth it if you purchase the one that is right for your expectations. If you are looking for a very accurate monitor, then you need to invest the cash needed to meet your expectations. If you are just looking to try out a monitor and have some fun with it, then you need to make sure you find one that works well for you at the price point you want. Overall, if you meet your expectations of what you want out of the launch monitor, then it is definitely worth it.

What is smash factor?

Smash factor is the result when you divide ball speed by club speed. A higher smash factor means better ball contact. If you make a swing at 100 mph and your ball speed is 140 mph, then you resulted in a smash factor of 1.4. The higher over 1 that you go with your smash factor, the more ball speed you attained with relatively slower swing speed. Most pros are around a 1.48-1.49 and amateurs vary widely based on their skill level but a decent scratch golfer would likely be in the 1.45-1.47 range.

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