Stripebird Rangefinder Magnet Review

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I don’t publish a many reviews on small accessories here. We try to target the big stuff that has a lot of interest already.

But I do receive a LOT of emails from companies that want Under Par Goals to review their products. I turn most of them down. But, this one had me interested, mainly because it seemed like something I could actually use myself. Totally selfish, right?

The Stripebird Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap is a very simple and affordable accessory that does one thing and does it really well.

It is a strap that wraps around your rangefinder and gives you the added benefit of a really powerful magnet to attach your rangefinder to your golf cart.

You can CLICK HERE to check availability on Amazon.

So why am I reviewing it?

Well, I was legitimately impressed with the product. Here’s why…

Full disclosure, Stripebird did send me one of these for free to check out. But that happens a lot and I only write about the products I think are worth talking about.


Ever buy a $30 golf accessory only to realize it’s worth about $3?

I do all the time. But that definitely wasn’t the case with this rangefinder magnetic strap. The materials felt very high quality.

Most of it is made with a heavy duty material (felt like a nylon type of material) that feels nice and rugged. I didn’t see any areas with exposed or un-stitched edges that might come out or fray over time. It looks and feels like the kind of accessory you can toss in your bag and use it for years without giving much concern over it wearing out.

The velcro felt quite tough and strong. Ever use something with crappy velcro? It’s the worst. The soft side gets all fuzzy and frayed and eventually becomes completely useless. That was definitely not the case here. I could see this velcro lasting for years.


The main thing that I was interested in was the strength of the magnets. Short version…they are very strong.

You can see in the photo below how it attaches to the golf cart. If I didn’t take it off myself, it would have stayed there the entire round. I was able to find a nice unpaved bumpy path on the course and floored it on the golf cart for a potentially unsafe bumpy ride.

My glasses fell off my face but the rangefinder was still stuck in place. I wouldn’t call that a scientific test of the magnet strength, but it was enough to make me feel confident leaving it up there.

Another feature I really liked was on the inside of the strap. There were these wavy lines of rubber material. That kept the rangefinder from sliding out of the strap.

This is an honest review so there are some downsides to using this strap.

First, once it’s on, I couldn’t fit the rangefinder back in the case/pouch it came with. Stripebird is upfront about this on their site, indicating that it fits most cases (but not all).

So that means with a some cases, you need to commit to a full round of magnetic storage or just stick with the case and forego the magnet strap. That also means the strap has to come on and off after every round if you want to store the rangefinder in the case. Not a huge deal but it is something else you need to remember to do after the round.

It’s really just a matter of needing a certain size magnet in the strap to make it effective. I do think they have struck a good balance here.

The other issue you may run into isn’t necessarily a negative about this product so much as it is a downside of using any kind of strap like this. It may cover the buttons on some rangefinders. I tested it on the two I had access to at the time and it worked fine, but they only have one button. You may run into issues with rangefinders with two buttons on top.


So let’s talk about price. As you probably know, anything related to golf is usually marked up an insane amount. Mostly because golfers love buying new toys.

Refreshingly, that’s not the case here. Coming in under $30, the Stripebird Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap is right in the price range I think it deserves. It’s not going to drastically improve your scores or help you hit further drives.

But it is a solid, well made product that can make it a lot easier and more convenient to use a rangefinder from a golf cart. Those extra seconds add up over 18 holes and 70+ shots. The result means one less thing to worry about so you can focus on your game.

You can CLICK HERE to check availability on Amazon.

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