Callaway Drivers By Year

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Callaway has a long history of making drivers and also has a reputation of making forgiving drivers to help the average golfer hit the ball straighter and farther.

In fact, the Big Bertha in 1991 changed how we looked at drivers. Now in 2023, everything that was old is new again as Callaway is re-releasing the Callaway Great Big Bertha with new technology.

Callaway drivers consistently make it on our Best Drivers of the Year list.

Here’s a breakdown of all the Callaway drivers by year…

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Year ReleasedCallaway Driver Models
2023Paradym (Current Price)
Paradym X (Current Price)
Paradym Triple Diamond (Current Price)
2022Rogue ST MAX (Current Price / Full Review)
Rogue ST MAX D (Current Price)
Rogue ST MAX LS (Current Price)
Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS
Women’s Rogue ST MAX
Women’s Rogue ST MAX D
Great Big Bertha
2021Epic Speed
Epic MAX
Epic Speed Triple Diamond
Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS
Epic MAX Star
Women’s Epic Max
Women’s Epic Speed
Women’s Epic MAX Star
Mavrik 22
Mavrik MAX
Mavrik Sub Zero
Big Bertha B21
Women’s Big Bertha REVA
2019Epic Flash
Epic Flash Sub Zero
Epic Flash Star
Rogue Draw
Rogue Sub Zero
Rogue Women’s
Rogue Draw Women’s
XR Speed
2017Great Big Bertha Epic
Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero
Great Big Bertha Epic Star
2016Big Bertha Fusion
XR 16
XR 16 Pro
XR 16 Sub Zero
2015Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha Alpha 816
Big Bertha Alpha 816 DD
Bertha Mini 1.5
XR Pro
XR Women’s
2014Big Bertha
Big Bertha Alpha
Big Bertha Alpha 815
Big Bertha Alpha 815 DD
Big Bertha Women’s
Big Bertha V Series
Big Bertha V Series Women’s
X Hot N14
X2 Hot
X2 Hot Pro
X2 Hot Women’s
2013X Hot
X Hot Pro
FT Optiforce
2012Razr Fit
Razr X Black
Tour Authentic Razr Fit
Razr Fit Xtreme
2011Diablo Octane
Diablo Octane Tour
Razr Hawk
Razr Hawk Tour
2010Diablo Edge
Diablo Edge Tour
FT-iZ Tour
FT-9 Tour
2008Hyper X
Hyper X Tour
Hyper X Women’s
FT-I Limited Edition Women’s
FT-IQ Tour
2007Fti 25th Anniversary
FT-I Tour
FT-I Women’s
FT-5 Tour
FT-5 Women’s
X-460 Tour
X-460 Women’s
Big Bertha 460
Big Bertha 460 Women’s
2005Big Bertha Titanium 454
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour
2004Big Bertha Titanium
2003ERC Fusion
2002Great Big Bertha II
C4 Graphite
1999Great Big Bertha Hawkeye
1997Biggest Big Bertha
1995Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha War Bird
1991Big Bertha (original)
S2H2 (Women’s)

Latest Callaway Driver Models

Here are the currently available Callaway driver models.


Callaway Paradym

The Callaway Paradym isn’t only Callaway’s big release for 2023, but it also might be the best driver of the year.

The Callaway Paradym is getting a lot of hype for its distance and forgiveness and that hype may actually be well deserved. On our initial testing, the standard Paradym model outperformed all the other drivers in distance on sweet spot and off-center hits.

This made it our top choice as the best driver for beginners as well as the most forgiving driver.

Great Big Bertha

This new version of the classic Great Big Bertha was released in November of 2022. It’s targeted at slower swing-speed players and is designed to be light enough to help those players increase their swing speed.

Rogue ST Max

The Rogue ST Max is an excellent driver that ranks very high in both forgiveness and distance. Despite it being a year or so old at this point, its still an excellent driver and popular choice among many golfers.

This club was our top pick as the best driver for high handicappers.

Epic Max

While not officially listed on the Callaway website as a “current” model, you can still find new Callaway Epic drivers out there for sale at many retailers. This is still a great driver, so if you can find one, it’s a great way to get a lot of value for your dollar.

Other Manufacturer’s Drivers

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