Sun Mountain C130 Review

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Sun Mountain C130

The Sun Mountain C130 is the ultimate cart bag with every feature you could need in a surprisingly lightweight easy to manage bag.

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When looking to determine the type of golf bag you want, there are two different styles to choose from.  Are you looking for a cart bag to fit specifically into your riding rounds? 

If not, you will want to look at a stand bag, that will provide you the functionality needed for walking rounds.  In this review, we will discuss a cart golf bag, the Sun Mountain C130.

Top Diameter 10.5” | Dividers 14 | Weight 6.6 lbs | Pockets 13 | Dimensions (H x W x D) 35.5” x 10.5” x 4” | Umbrella Holder Yes | Dedicated Putter Compartment | 13 Total Pockets | 2 Full-Length Apparel Pockets | Ventilated Cooler Pocket | Magnetic Rangefinder Pocket | 3 Velour Lined Pockets (1 Waterproof) | Ball Pocket | Smart Strap System | Two Towel Rings | Rain Hood

Well padded dividers keep your clubs safe and easily organized.


Upon an initial look at the Sun Mountain C130 golf bag, you will notice the large pockets for storing accessible items and handles that make the bag convenient for moving. 

The bag touts a firm and functional bag material.  In 2018, the Sun Mountain C130 was named “Golf Digest editors choice” for the best cart bag in the game. And it made the top of our list of the Best Golf Bag For Cart Riders too.


The overall size of the Sun Mountain C130 will give you plenty of room to get your clubs in and out of your bag.  The top diameter of the bag is a girthy 10.5”, in addition to 14 dividers to keep your club shafts organized. 

The weight of the bag is simply 6.6 lbs that makes it easy to transport from the car to the cart.  The height of the bag makes it perfect for taking on golf trips, it will allow you to fly with your bag as it is under the height regulation. 

The height of the bag is 35.5”, making it just under three-feet tall. 

Durable and strong zippers add to the durability of this bag.


The Sun Mountain C130 has a high-level of functionality that it will provide you with for a cart bag. 

The bag has a total of 13 pockets.  Among these pockets are 2 full-length pockets designed to hold your extra apparel.  If you want to bring a rain jacket, pullover or want a place to put those items when it is too hot, then the full-length pockets will provide you with everything you need. 

If you want to bring food with you in your bag and are worried about it melting during a hot round, the Sun Mountain C130 has a ventilated cooler pocket that is designed to keep items cool.  Instead of having to eat your Snickers shortly after you bought it, or risk having to eat melted Snickers, the C130’s cooler pocket will allow you to eat the Snickers when you want to.  Have you ever lost a rangefinder, or had a friend who lost one on the course? 

Well, fear no more because the C130 has a magnetic rangefinder pocket that will keep the device connected to your bag, limiting the chances for loss. 

Three additional pockets lined with velour will give you the extra room to carry items in your bag, while having the confidence that the velour material will keep the items safe.  On top of that, one of the velour pockets is waterproof, therefore if it starts raining it is a great place to store your phone, keys and wallet. 

The C130 adds a separate ball pocket to store all of your golf balls and makes it easy to grab a ball when you need it.  Golf has lots of accessories and many of them can be small, the C130 gives you multiple accessory pockets to keep these items sorted and organized. 

Multiple rear pockets help keep you organized.

Bonus Features

The C130 has a golf glove patch on the bag, which allows you to attach your golf glove to your bag when you are not using it.  This is an advantage if you want to rotate golf gloves during a round. 

A very key feature of the bag includes the Smart Strap System which helps prevent entanglements while placing or removing your cart bag from the golf cart.  The bag has two towel rings, this allows you to place two towels on your bag.  When you have two towels you can use one for your face and one for your clubs and balls. 

The matching colored rain hood and umbrella holder that come with the bag keeps you prepared in case the rain comes during your round. 

The putter compartment resides by itself in the reverse orientation top of the bag, allowing for easy access.  The putter is the most used club in your bag, therefore making it easy to handle is a major benefit. 

Overall the Sun Mountain C130 provides you with an extremely functional cart golf bag that meets your every need. 


In terms of durability, the Sun Mountain C130 will provide you with a rugged golf bag that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent golfers. 

Sun Mountain golf bags are used by intermediate and professional golfers and generally hear positive feedback about durability.  Using the handles on top of the bag can help make the durability of the bag last by making sure it is protected during transport. 

The strap system has been reported to last a golfer over many years.  The only detail of the bag that has been reported as less than satisfactory is the potential of the color to fade from excessive use over the years. 

The zippers on the bag are sturdy and firm, giving you the comfort that they will last and not fall off the zipper.  Golfers tend to rely on the Sun Mountain C130 to last them several years and rarely does Sun Mountain’s track record show heavy returns or product displeasure.

The durability of the Sun Mountain C130 continues into the pocket protections it will provide you.  The waterproof pockets allow you to store items that can’t get wet.  In addition to that, the cooler pocket lets you store items that need to stay cool, like beverages. 

Overall, customers tend to report that the durability of the Sun Mountain C130 lasts them for years and maintains a consistent functionality that is needed by golf cart players.

Weight and Ease of Transport

One of the most telling quality factors of a golf bag is its ease of transport.  The Sun Mountain C130 has a reverse top orientation with three handles that make it easy for you to move the bag from your car to the golf cart without applying damage to your car or bag. 

The bag only weighs 6.6 lbs, therefore even with your clubs in the bag, it will not weigh much at all.  The bag is light enough for the average person to transport with ease. 

On top of that, the bag has the correct dimensions that make it applicable for plane transportation.  For those vacations where golf clubs are needed, you can feel confident that the Sun Mountain C130 will be allowed to come with you as baggage. 

Bringing golf clubs on the airplane may make you nervous that your clubs will suffer damage.  So make sure to check out our breakdown of the Best Travel Bags.

Cart straps prevent your bag from falling off the cart even if the strap on the cart fails.


The Sun Mountain C130 is available in several color options for you to pick from.  Various color options available to customize your Sun Mountain C130 include, black, cactus, cement, cobalt, green, gunmetal, maroon, navy, orange, purple, red, sage, white and more. 

Another customization option available to style your Sun Mountain C130 bag is custom embroidery.  If you would like to display a design on your bag such as “Club Champion”, you may do this in your custom-ordered golf cart bag. 

The bag was also designed with supporting fabric in areas that tend to be affected while enduring multiple rounds of riding on a golf cart.  This helps prevent extreme wear on heavy contact areas on the bag.  Sun Mountain places its logo on every bag, which allows you to represent the brand you chose for your golf cart bag. 


When taking into consideration all of the characteristics of the Sun Mountain C130, our opinion is very high of the popular golf cart bag. 

Golf cart riders should utilize the Sun Mountain C130, as it is not a walking designed bag.  When examining the Sun Mountain C130, you will notice that all of the pockets are forward-facing and easy to access while attached to a golf cart.  This was done with intention as the bag is designed for golfers that play their rounds riding in a cart.

The bag makes it easy for you to take it while traveling and to transport it from your car to the golf cart.  Golf cart bags tend to have more items stored in them and the Sun Mountain C130 gives you ample pockets to store everything you need in the bag. 

Style and customization are available to you with this bag, giving you all the options for customization of the bag.  Customization options allow you to pick between several different color options and if you want something custom embroidered on the bag, that is also an option.  Overall, a golfer looking for a functional and stylish golf cart riding bag to purchase at a great price, the Sun Mountain C130 is the answer. 

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